Rashad Johnson Tweets Photos of Severed Finger

By Andrew Fisher
Rashad Jennings
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Football is a sport with a long history of brutal injuries. Arizona Cardinals‘ defensive back Rashad Johnson was unfortunately the victim of one of the more bizarre ones you’ll ever hear about. The Cardinals’ safety suffered a freak finger injury during Sunday’s game with the New Orleans Saints and the end result is that he’ll be without the tip of his middle finger for the rest of his life.

Johnson isn’t really sure how or when it happened, but eventually he noticed the tip of his finger was by itself in his glove. There’s no video to show what went down, but now Johnson has tweeted out photos following surgery after fans kept asking to see his finger.

**Warning** If you’re squeamish, these photos are not for you.

Rashad Johnson finger

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As bad as all that looks, Johnson’s attitude couldn’t be better. He’s clearly a man who sees the big picture in life. He even remarked that he still ‘has nine more.’ Sure, this isn’t anything he envisioned when he started his football career, but sometimes life throws you a curveball. The reality is that Johnson is still able to live out his dream and minus the tip of one finger, he’s as healthy as can be.


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