Miami Hurricanes Create Their Own 'What Did The Fox Say?' Song About Sebastian the Ibis

By Dan Parzych
(Steve Mitchell/USA Today Sports)

One of the surprise hits of the summer (mainly because of how catchy it happened to be) came from the band Ylvis called “What Does The Fox Say?” Whether you’re confused by how a song like that could become so popular, you can’t help but admit how catchy of a tune it is and there’s a good chance you continued to listen to it after hearing it for the first time.

Now, thanks to the popular summer song, it appears fans of the Miami Hurricanes have created their own version of the song after their beloved mascot–Sebastian the Ibis.

Instead of using the fox, Hurricane fans came up with “What Does The Ibis Say?” and as much as this writer hates to admit it–this song is pretty fantastic. Not only did Miami fans get creative by touching up on every other school in the ACC as the lyrics, but they came up with an awesome chorus of “U-U-U-U-U-UU” after asking “What Does The Ibis Say?”

Be sure to check out the catchy video above as you won’t be disappointed. As bad as it sounds, the Hurricanes version may be more catchy than the original version about foxes–so props to Miami students for coming through on this one.

As for Miami’s football team, they’re off to an impressive 3-0 start and currently ranked No. 15 in the country as they not only pulled off an impressive win against Florida a few weeks ago, but have only allowed 29 points on defense all season.

With that in mind–fans have every reason in the world to be singing this new “Ibis” song in celebration.

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