Carlos Gomez Hits Home Run, Brian McCann Prevents Him From Crossing Home Plate

By Connor Muldowney
Carlos Gomez
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Usually when a player hits a home run, he looks at it for a second and trots around the bases like he’s been there before. However, whenever anyone hits a home run against the Atlanta Braves, or so it seems, they seem to watch the ball, trash talk and take a slow trot around the base path. Carlos Gomez did just that on Wednesday night.

The Milwaukee Brewers star cranked a home run just one out into the game and what happened after that was just awesome. He dropped the bat and watched his ball sail into the left field seats, angering Braves catcher Brian McCann. Even first basemen Freddie Freeman took exception to the long-ball stare.

Apparently the stare and trash talking was payback for what Gomez thought was an intentional hit by pitch three months earlier by Braves pitcher Paul Maholm. Gomez thought he was beaned on purpose and this was apparently revenge for something that happened a fourth of a year ago.

Watch the action here:

As you can see, McCann did not want the kid to touch home plate without knowing what he did was wrong and disrespectful. He was talking trash all the way around the bases and was not even allowed to touch home plate because the catcher prevented it. Gomez never did touch home plate and was ejected soon after for the whole bench-clearing thing.

Good thing for the Braves is that no one was there to see such an ugly thing happen — I guess that’s what happens when you already clinch your division before the season is over.

I bet my money that no one wants to hit a home run against the Braves anymore — as this is the second offense in just two weeks where a player was confronted after hitting a homer against Atlanta.

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