Houston Astros Fan Steals Ball From Little Girl's Grasp in Stands, Is Awful Person

By Connor Muldowney
Houston Astros fan
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, so I am going to go ahead and assume that most people have gone to a baseball game at some point in their lives. At the game, you probably noticed the unspoken rules that are followed by all fans. However, a Houston Astros fan broke one of the main rules by taking the ball away from a little girl after a player tossed it into the stands.

Before I describe the situation and show the video, let’s go over the unspoken rules really quick.

First, don’t ever steal someone’s seat unless you know they aren’t coming back. Second, don’t stand up during the game so people behind you can’t see past your huge keester. Third, when the away team hits a home run, throw the ball back onto the field. Fourth, never streak unless you plan on getting tackled and tased. Fifth, don’t use the two-finger mouth whistle that sounds like a Pterodactyl is about to land in the stands — this is actually only allowed to be used, at most, three times a game. Finally, the most important rule is to never steal a baseball that made its way into the stands from a small child — and if you catch a ball, look for the nearest child to give it to.

Apparently, this lady didn’t get the silent memo from everyone else:

This is an almost disgraceful act of selfishness. She must have been in the heat of the moment, stealing the ball that was intended for a girl about a fifth the age and proceeding to high-five her fellow ‘adult’ friends in the stands.

When you’re a Houston Astros fan, I guess this becomes something of a normal occurrence. Watching a team lose 100-plus games has to be hard on your mental stability — enough to steal the ball when a little girl has it in her hands.

Come on lady. Act like you’ve been there before.

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