Jacksonville Jaguars Giving Away Free Beer With Ticket Purchase

By Andrew Fisher
Jacksonville Jaguars
USA Today Sports

Most people projected that the Jacksonville Jaguars would be bad this season. But even the most cynical fans didn’t think they’d be this bad. Sure, there are four other teams that are winless on the season, but it’s pretty clear the Jags are the worst of the worst. For a team that was already having trouble putting fans in the seats, this season certainly wasn’t what the doctor ordered. So it’s with all of that harshness, that the Jaguars’ marketing department has kicked things into high gear.

To get fans into the stadium this Sunday for the team’s matchup with the heavily favored Indianapolis Colts, fans will receive free beer. That’s right, the Jags are busting out the oldest marketing trick in the book – free booze.

Some might view this promotion as sad, and it no doubt is on some levels, but it’s one of the few moves the team has left to put butts in seats. Regardless of whether a team is terrible or not, $45 and two free beers at an NFL game is a good deal. That’s bang for your buck, when you consider most teams across the league charge $7-10 per beer.

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After seeing this new promotion, many people will once again bring up the elephant in the room – Tim Tebow. If the Jags want to give their fans something get excited about, they should just break down and bring in the popular QB.


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