Kareem Abdul-Jabbar To Reprise Role As Roger Murdock From Airplane! In New Commercials

By Andrew Fisher
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is primarily known as a member of the ‘Showtime’ Los Angeles Lakers in the minds of many basketball fans. He teamed with Magic Johnson and company to win four championships during the 1980’s. In total, the legendary center has six championship rings and six MVP awards to show for his 20-year career. But what some younger fans might not know is that he spent the first six years of his career with the Milwaukee Bucks. For the first three years of his career, he was known as Lewis Alcindor, before he changed his name for religious reasons.

It’s his history with the Bucks that has led to a new series of commercials. Abdul-Jabbar has decided to reprise his role as Roger Murdock from the movie Airplane!, for a set of Wisconsin tourism ads.

If you’re a fan of comedy and you’ve never seen Airplane!, do yourself a favor and watch it immediately. Here’s the famous scene where Abdul-Jabbar’s character is called out by a little kid:

Later in the film, ‘Murdock’ is shown in Abdul-Jabbar’s Lakers jersey as the airplane begins to crash. Classic, classic stuff.

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Here’s a snapshot of what the new commercials will look like with Kareem and actor Robert Hays, who was also in the 1980 film:

I’m sure the new ads will be funny, but there’s just no way they’ll top the scenes involving Kareem from Airplane!.


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