Robert Griffin III Would Take Advice From Bryce Harper On Sliding

By Andrew Fisher
RG3/Bryce Harper
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Robert Griffin III is great at a lot of things, but sliding isn’t one of them. That was made clear in week three on two separate occasions, one of which, led to a fumble by the quarterback. Given the changes his playing style is currently undergoing, there’s no doubt about it that RG3 has to get better at sliding. It’s with that in mind, that Bryce Harper starts to enter into the equation.

It was recently suggested that the outfielder should help the QB with his sliding techniques and it appears RG3 is open to some lessons:

“I mean, if Bryce wants to do that I’m definitely up for that. Bryce, we can do that if you want to, buddy,” said Griffin. “The problem is I’m not a great slider, should I say. I know how to slide, but I don’t know how to baseball slide, and I think that’s what they’re talking about. But there is just more of an emphasis on sliding feet-first as opposed to going forward since that rule is in place. It protects you as a quarterback going backwards, going feet-first, so that’s what you’ve got to do, so just make a mental note of that and try to slide feet-first.”

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Griffin is right, he has to start to sliding feet-first. I think there’s a mental block in place, though, because he’s afraid of getting his surgically repaired knee caught up. But at the same time, the rewards of sliding feet-first, greatly outweigh the risks of sliding head-first. If he continues to dive head-first, he’s going to keep losing the ball and taking unnecessary shots.

It sounds like Harper and Griffin are indeed buddies, so it wouldn’t be crazy for the QB to get a few sliding pointers.


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