Stephen Curry's Flavored Mouthpiece Is Innovative, Could Catch On

By Devin O'Barr
Stephen Curry
Brett Davis – USA TODAY sports

Now, before you start bashing Stephen Curry for being a rich superstar who needs juice while playing in the NBA, let’s take a step back and appreciate the dude’s creativity. How cool would it be to have a lemonade flavored mouthpiece while sitting at your desk from Monday through Friday? Screw five-hour energy; a mouthpiece with my favorite fruit in it would surely pick me up!

Either way, the Golden State Warriors‘ shooting guard is making a name for himself as the first NBA player to run up and down the hardwood with flavors such as: Lemon, Fruit Punch, Mint, Orange and Bubble Gum in his mouthpiece. While this might remind some of a trip to the dentist, its truly exciting to Curry, who tweeted out the deal on Thursday:

Considering Klay Thompson is known as Curry’s “Splash Brother” you would think that Thompson has a mouthpiece deal of his own in the works right? Well, one can only hope that the entire Warriors’ team will soon be enjoying fruity flavors while at the free-throw line. Mouthpiece or no mouthpiece; Curry and the Warriors are steadily moving up the NBA power rankings and No. 30 is a big reason why.

Win or lose, at least Curry will be doing it with flavor.

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