Virginia CVS Caters to Sad Redskins Fans With Cheap Kleenex

By Connor Muldowney
Washington Redskins
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

If you know anything about the NFL, you know just how poor the Washington Redskins have been through the first three weeks of the season. The Redskins are 0-3 and looking to rebound from three straight tough losses and on pace to have one of the worst defenses of all time.

Robert Griffin III was supposed to be the best returning second-year quarterback in the league this season, but coming off ACL surgery in the offseason, he has been anything but stellar. The Redskins have been searching for answers all season long and haven’t found anything to turn this squad around yet. However, they have the Oakland Raiders next up on their schedule which is always good news for any team.

However, one CVS store in Virginia doesn’t have much hope for the Fighting RG3s as they are selling Kleenex for $1 and hoping fans of the Redskins use them for the correct reason:

It’s pretty funny to see a chain store go as far as to say a team was playing awful and they were selling tissues to fans who are crying over the constant losses.

Hopefully the Redskins can take note of this sign and use it as fuel to win some games this season, because right now their defense can’t stop anyone and their offense has a hard time scoring in the first half. There’s only so many games that a team can play catch-up before they get tired of always trying to fight back.

Solid move, CVS. You have just become my new favorite store.

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