EA Sports Reaches $40 Million Settlement With Former NCAA Players, Who Won't Walk Away With Much

By Andrew Fisher
NCAA-EA Sports

It’s been talked about for awhile now, but it’s official – the NCAA Football series is no more. It was announced recently that EA Sports will no longer make the popular college football game and now we have some insight as to why. The gaming company has reached an agreement in a lawsuit brought about by former players, in which the players claimed ‘likeness’ was used without their permission. The amount of the settlement is rumored to be $40 million, which is an absolutely astounding amount.

It’s estimated that 200,000-300,000 former players could receive part of the settlement money.

So if you do math on this and say that 250,000 players will get a payout, that means that each player would receive about $160. That’s it. Maybe I’m missing something, but if that many former players are indeed entitled to a slice of the pie, they’re not going to walk away with much.

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This is whole story is just ridiculous to me. First off, I hate the fact that NCAA Football won’t be around any longer. It was a great game that I looked forward to each August as it acted as the unofficial start to the college season. Now, because former players felt slighted, a perfectly good game has gone the way of the dodo. Was the $160 really worth it? Weren’t they just okay with being able to tell their friends that they were in a video game?

It’s still unknown exactly how the money will be divvied out, but I certainly hope players get more than a couple hundred dollars. That’s not worth taking away a video game that millions of people like. I can understand jumping on the lawsuit bandwagon if you were going to get a few thousand dollars, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I sure hope the former players are happy.

This clip from ‘Dirty Work’ about sums it up:

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