Latest Adam 'Pacman' Jones Police Video Released

By Andrew Fisher
Adam Jones
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you that thought Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones might have been unfairly targeted in his latest police run-in, think again. Official police video has emerged from this past Monday night when the defensive back was cited for disorderly conduct. Take a look and see if you blame the officers for writing him up:

This video is fairly astonishing from start to finish. It starts out with Jones introducing himself to the officer like that’s just automatically going to get the driver a pass. Oh you’re Pacman Jones? Sorry to disturb you folks, have a great night. Give me a break.

Then he just starts acting childish from that point on. He’s out of the vehicle yelling at the officer like he’s the one in trouble. I respect that he’s standing up for his friend, but when Johnny Law is involved, your best bet is to stay quiet and cooperate. The fact that he was just given a minor citation is pretty remarkable. If the officer wanted to be real jerk, he could have easily hauled Pacman off to jail, again.

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In the end, the d-back paid a small fine for the citation and it looks like the latest legal chapter in his life has been closed. You have to give Pacman some credit for somewhat keeping his nose clean over the last few years, but his behavior in this video suggests that he’s never going to fully grow up. Oh yeah, and there’s the fact that he’s due in court soon to face charges that he hit a woman at a night club.


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