20 Dumbest Professional Athletes of All Time

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Dumbest Athletes in Sports

Fab Melo
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The phrase “student –athlete” has become an oxymoron as more and more collegiate players are sacrificing academics for athletic glory. There are a few examples like Jeremy Lin (Harvard grad) and Andrew Luck (Stanford grad) among others, who stayed all four years and received degrees from universities with incredible academic requirements, but they are rare exceptions.

Unfortunately, the trend has translated well into professional arenas. For the most part, professional athletes make ridiculous sums of money but are unable to spell “ridiculous”. They often repeat the same mistakes over and over again, yet their abilities on the field allow them two or three … or six do-overs.

This is not a new phenomenon. Athletes have been stupid for a while. These are the 20 dumbest professional athletes of all time.

This is not just a list of pros who have had legal issues with drugs, firearms and fights, etc. Though the players who fall under this category are stupid indeed, if it were that kind of list, there would be way more than 20 guys on it. Rather, it’s a list of players who have had moments that cause us, as fans, to just sit there perplexed and think, “Why? Why would you do that? You idiot!”

We are all human beings and are prone to making mistakes, but these are blunders that could have (and should have) easily been avoided had they just stepped back for two seconds, took a deep breath and thought about what they were about to do.

If I missed any examples feel free to comment in the section below.

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20. JaMarcus Russell

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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20. JaMarcus Russell

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19. Ben Roethlisberger

Big Ben
Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports
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19. Ben Roethlisberger

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18. Ndamukong Suh

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports
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18. Ndamukong Suh

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17. Kevin Brown

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports
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17. Kevin Brown

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16. Bill Gramatica

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports
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16. Bill Gramatica

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15. Dwight Howard

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
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15. Dwight Howard

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14. Albert Haynesworth

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
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14. Albert Haynesworth

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13. Gus Frerotte

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports
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13. Gus Frerotte

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12. Zack Greinke

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports
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12. Zack Greinke

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11. John Rocker

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
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11. John Rocker

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10. Fab Melo

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports
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10. Fab Melo

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9. Joba Chamberlain

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
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9. Joba Chamberlain

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8. Keith Ballard

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports
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8. Keith Ballard

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7. Mike Tyson

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
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7. Mike Tyson

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6. Meta World Peace

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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6. Metta World Peace

World Peace
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5. Bobby Valentine

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
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5. Bobby Valentine

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4. Adam "Pacman" Jones

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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4. Adam "Pacman" Jones

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3. Alex Rodriguez

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Alex Rodriguez

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2. Michael Vick

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Michael Vick

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1. Plaxico Burress

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Plaxico Burress


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  • LiamT

    you need to look up luis suarez! :)

    • James

      This is America. We don’t like soccer, especially not guys who bite people — but yes, he’s very stupid

      • joseph zeleke

        Speak for yourself……I love……..FOOTBALL!

      • Negroponte

        What if I told you America is a whole continent spanning from Canada all the way to Argentina?

        • Nemesis919

          Well then all the sudden “America” likes soccer…A LOT! But America is a continent broken into 3 parts, so that claim could be disputed. The reason we call ourselves Americans is just because it’s easier to say that “United States citizens.” Everyone else has a…what’s the word?…romantic name for their nations? Canadians, Brazilians, Argentinians…it’s just easier, or lazy, however one sees it.

          • Negroponte

            So you agree with the fact that America is a whole continent, and yes the predominant sport in America is soccer. FYI, it’s not called romantic name, it’s called the noun or the adjective of a nationality. So…What’s your point?.

          • 1godonly

            first of all….america is not a continent. there is NORTH AMERICA and SOUTH AMERICA. try to educate yourself first, then educate others…and you can become a citizen of any country also.. i am a citizen of india but i can call myself indian as well.

          • Negroponte
        • Guy

          “America” is not a whole continent. That’s just a fact. As for being called “Americans”, there is justification. USA stands for the United States of America. Therefore, we are called Americans. Mexico’s actual name is the United Mexican States, so it makes sense to call them Mexican. Argentina is the Republic of Argentina. So, when determining the nationality denomination, you’re not going to use United States, or Republic, you’re going to use the actual name. So, using the term America to refer to the US is not completely ignorant and self-centered. Same goes for using the term Americans. I guess you could argue that the name USA itself is where the problem started, but then you gotta go back quite a few centuries ago, and deal with all that. It’s just as useless an argument as “Columbus did NOT discover America”. Anyway, instead of dissecting the comment, try to understand the intent of the content. It will make conversations much better (and this is in response to Nemesis919 as well)

          • Negroponte

            “”America” is not a whole continent. That’s just a fact.”. Not only are you ignorant, but dangerous, by calling a fact something that isn’t. You must have been educated by the United States’ public school system. America is a whole continent.https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/fields/2203.html. Anyway, instead of filling this discussion with bogus facts, try to understand what a fact is. It will make the conversation much better.http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/america

          • Guy

            Really? The first link you gave was a bad link, and the second link you gave only supported my argument:
            America- either continent (North America or S. America) of the western hemisphere.

            Notice the word “either”? I mean, when people ask you how many continents there are, do you say 6? Or do you answer them correctly with 7? You’re so good with googling for facts, so search “list of continents” and you will see the Americas as two separate continents.

            Now, instead of me trying to mock you and ridicule you, I’ll just let your stupidity stand out there for others to do.

            And my education probably extends further than yours, both in the private and public systems.

          • Negroponte

            So you can’t even figure out how to follow a redirected link eh?. Typical hick cherry picking from the source to fit their poor arguments, not even having seen all the information provided. I don’t argue with hicks, sorry you win, you can go back to your banjo now. “And my education probably extends further than yours, both in the private and public systems.”. Ha ha, I guess I touched a nerve there.

          • Guy

            You argue like an overgrown child. Clearly you are intelligent, it’s just a shame you’re wasting that knowledge. I can follow a redirect link, but how reliable are you when you cannot even copy a link correctly? “cherry picking from the source to fit their poor arguments”? All i did was use one of your sources to disprove your argument. It is apparent you’re not American (from USA). You’re probably an old Canadian or European…since it is generally studied in those areas that “The Americas” is often used to refer to both continents, and sometimes “America” is used in this same way. At least when I do research, I can see that you have a case for your statement. However, some places also consider Europe and Asia as one continent – I’m sure you would disagree with that (or agree), but some people still think that. So, you can continue to believe what you were taught, and I will continue to believe what I was taught, and we can both be right. You just will continue to be an ignorant and arrogant person that stereotypes Americans and argues like a child. As for “touching a nerve” on my education? You like to use provoking statements intended to get somebody on the defensive right? I was only letting you know that I have an extensive education in both private and public schooling. I’m not sure how you could take that as “touching a nerve”. Again, you probably just wrote that to continue antagonizing, since your whole post lacked any comments about the argument in question; instead it was riddled with insults and derogatory comments. Enjoy your ignorance, but please, try to be civil and polite, even when anonymity is your best weapon.

          • Ozymandias

            You are kind of an a-sshat you know? Being the first person to drop insults on education usually has to do with a need to compensate for a lack in another area. Kind of sad. There are some good self help books out there amigo. Go google some and get to work.

          • Negroponte

            Your pretensions of wisdom bore me.

          • Ozymandias

            Too close to the truth? Aww..

          • arthur p kaske

            You forgot Central/Middle America.

          • money cash

            you are ignorant and very self centered.

          • Guy

            it’s a good thing a random person decided to read a post from over two weeks ago and posted a ridiculous statement. If you’re going to attack, you should at least rationalize as well. How am I ignorant? Because I research things and accept that others are just as right as I am? How am I “very self centered”? Because I stand for what I believe in? Because I also allow others to stand by their beliefs?

            I would love to hear your reasons for being hateful. Just like the guy I was responding to, the guy who called me a “hick” and told me to “go back to your banjo”, I can only assume that you enjoy being mean to others, especially when you don’t have to be face to face with the person you’re offending.

          • RocketRod

            People from the USA are US’n’s!

        • Ozymandias

          Maybe so but from a colloquial perspective EVERYONE knows that people overwhelmingly mean the USA. If that offends you somehow that is unfortunate.

  • kryptonstarchild

    Umm what about Antonio Cromartie with 10 kids? lol

    • James

      Haha he’s not dumb for having kids, he’s dumb for not remembering their names off the top of his head. Still, a very good choice

  • Katy Price

    Does OJ Simpson ring a bell????

    • James

      Yes, but he was also in the Naked Gun movies so he gets a pass. If we’re gonna count murderers Aaron Hernandez needs to be on it too and Ray Lewis gets honorable mention.

      • S B

        Add Rae Carruth to list of dumbassedness.

  • Ikki

    “Mike Tyson [...] can barely form sentences.”

    This is simply untrue.

    • James

      I was going for a hyperbole that might make people chuckle. I guess I missed the mark.

  • bill

    So only male pro athletes are capable of being stupid? You need to stop buying into all this feminist bigotry….

    • James

      Which female athlete did you have in mind?

      • TheWrightStuff5

        Tonya Harding?

        • James

          Yeah that was stupid, but more so sinister and pathetic. If this was Top 15 Assholes she’d be in the top 5

  • Eric

    Javale Mcgee!?

    • James

      Yep. I missed him, my b.

  • torpedo

    where is Antoine Walker

    • James

      Yeah he’s a good choice, but a lot of pro athletes piss their money away. The list would need to be way longer if that was the criterion.

  • BillyBubba

    You missed Gus Frerotte. To celebrate a touchdown, he head-butted the Redskins’ Stadium, and was out for the rest of the game.

    • James

      Haha that is stupid, indeed. I still think Gramatica’s is worse though

      • Redd_Melendez

        What is funnier is that his brother did the same thing. Both were out for the same reason.

    • LeRoy_Was_Here

      Gus Frerotte is in the list. You must have missed it.

  • Baked Goods

    Shu is also one of the ugliest athletes of all time!

    • CollieGuy

      The guy is a sociopath who is getting paid to play football.

  • gh

    Mike Tyson could be considered a lot of things. troubled, erratic, an asshole, and potentially mentally unstable, among plenty others. But calling him “stupid” is entirely inaccurate. Sure he may not have the vernacular or eloquence of high-society ivy leaguers, considering he was raised in inner city brooklyn, but if you’ve ever actually listened to him talk, particularly in his post-fighting days now that he’s not as worried about keeping up his intimidating tough-guy persona, it’s pretty clear that he’s actually quite intelligent, and has had some very poignant thoughts on a number of issues.

    • James

      Sorry if I offended you

      • gh

        You didn’t offend me, you’re just wrong

    • refudiate

      Are you SURE that Mike doesn’t have the eloquence of high-soiety ivy leaguers? I mean, are you prejooodissed or something? Put differently: are you saying that guys raised in inner city brooklyn should come out sounding like Mike?

    • Art Studzinski

      Mike Tyson is awesome. I love the guy. Always have.

      • in MT.

        You love a guy who used to hang out in elevators, knock out old women and steal their purses. Awesome for sure!

        • Ian Tittle

          and you know this how your ignorance is showing

    • Wayne Dooley

      Have you seen ‘Undisputed truth” wow what a life.

    • Nemesis919

      “Intelligent” is a stretch, but I agree. He’s smarter than people give him credit for.

      “Everyone has a plan until they get hit.” That is one of the best quotes in history based on it’s truthfulness. It’s simple, and the quote itself is intelligent, but the man saying it is saying it from a position of expertise.

      • matr11

        FYI, I am almost 100% certain I heard Joe Louis use the saying back in the 60′s or 70′s. The phrase has been used in boxing circles at least since the 70′s.

    • Reid

      I’m just glad he’s outgrown his palate for human ear.

  • cthun

    To be fair Suh’s groin kick was unintentional. He was on the ground facing the opposite way, but the rest of his rap sheet is intentional.

    • James

      Nice try, Ndamukong Suh, creating a disqus account under the pseudonym cthun. Your’re not fooling anyone. And the groin kick was totally intentional — blatant even.

      • Valarauko

        You don’t know the difference between dirty and stupid.

  • DJ X Luva

    Where’s Taj “Red” McDavid on this list? McDavid made himself eligible for the 1996 NBA Draft alongside Kobe Bryant & Jermaine O’Neil-although he wasn’t on anyones top 100 prospects list, let alone the top 10 list like Bryant & O’Neil. McDavid went undrafted (the CBA & various foreign leagues passed him over as well), becoming the 1st player ever to apply for the draft & not get drafted at all, poster child for high schoolers who aren’t ready for the draft, and arguable the prime person who kicked off the NBA’s institution of the draft age limit.

  • Birch view

    give Shaun Kemp his due… something like nine kids with eight women. geez.

  • jakesdad

    {BRRRRZZZZZ!!!} Superman is JIMMIE JOHNSON!!!

  • Dave Smith

    James, While I agree with your assessment of Suh being stupid, I can not agree that he continues to be a dirty player. The groin kick may or may not have been intentional. There is only one person who knows the truth about that and it is NOT you. His two most recent fines were the result of a stupid (but I don’t see it as “dirty”) play on an interception return and a PERFECTLY LEGAL hit on a QB.

  • seabee.73

    No Charles Oakley, Ryan Leaf… what a terrible list

  • Christopher Smith

    He’s not an athlete but Jerry Jones should be at the top of the list.


  • CoastW

    Pitchers should all take kung-fu lessons until they’re all black-belts. I guarantee there will be fewer people rushing the mound.

  • Dick Delson

    No one even accused Rocker of being a rocket scientist.

  • Dick Delson

    No one should be surprised that the Yankees got rid of Chamberlain. He’s a moron.

  • Dick Delson

    Valentine…another rocket scientist.

  • Dick Delson

    Vick…another schmuck

  • redsoxu571

    No Vince Young? Don’t think I can buy this list otherwise!

    Otherwise, Albert Haynesworth is now known to have acted out the way he did on purpose. He got his payday, then set out to get cut so he could sign one more contract and rob another team blind as well (which he did). If that’s dumb, we should all be so smart (it’s dishonest and not competitive, but if your goal is to make tons of money despite being lazy it’s genius!)

  • William Maloni

    Sorry guys, Moses Malone, who could play the game but didn’t have the IQ of a rock.

    • Jon Elmer

      Fo, Fo, and Fo

  • Jon Elmer

    No Rickey Henderson ? A man so dumb he didn’t know he was supposed to cash his paycheck

  • Wayne Dooley

    Athletes at all stages( pop warner,high school, college, pros) are taught to be physically aggressive with very little emphasis on intellectual pursuits.

  • John Duquesne

    What about Chris Bosh?

  • Mike Haddan

    Dexter Manley! by far the dumbest of all time!

  • Suse1

    Um Pete Rose? I also heard they used to call Terry Bradshaw dumb, but I say he’s dumb all the way the trophies…and the bank!

  • LeRoy_Was_Here

    What, no Dennis Rodman?

  • Steve Fischer

    Ugh the stereotypes that Ivy League Colleges are the best and all those who go to them are smart. Aaron Rodgers went to Cal Berkeley which according to the London Times reputable survey is one of the three best universities in the world. He is just as smart as Luck or Lin and way more successful .

    • Douglas Green

      I’m willing to bet that when Luck’s career is over, it will be more impressive than Rodgers’ career.

  • Matt

    How can anyone take this list seriously without Dennis Rodman on it?

  • cwaynew

    How could you leave Chris Washburn off this list. Recall the number one draft pick by the Golden State Warriors who when invited to represent the United States in the Goodwill Games famously said, “I ain’t goin no Russia”

    • Valarauko

      The list was worthless. Most of it was jerks and dirty players, not stupid people.

  • JSBX45

    Worst article writing ever?

  • S B

    Man, how can Latrell Sprewell not be on this list? Choking his coach and making ridiculous comments about how making millions doesn’t go as far as you think is the epitome of stupid.

    • x277

      Come on now cut Spree a break, its very tough to feed a family averaging just $7 million a year.

  • The_Civilian_James_Trapp

    Last January, he claimed that the Holocaust could have been prevented if not for gun control laws in Nazi Germany.


    If you read history, the first thing tyrants, and people that commit genocide, do is take the guns away from the people. Perhaps you’re stupid to not read history

    • Manny Hundal

      guns won’t really help when you are a minority in a country where the government has decided to commit genocide against you. Perhaps they might have before tanks, planes, bombs, and chemical warfare were invented, but even if every Jew had a gun, things probably would not have happened all that differently…….the only difference I could imagine is that them fighting back might have caused other surrounding countries to notice and intervene, but even that was not likely to happen with communications the way they were back then and the reluctance to get involved in combat again after the costly first World War.

      • Nemesis919

        So…just lay down and die? Dig the ditches you and your families are to be buried in?

        There is no good argument for gun control. Not one. A thousand more school shootings still wouldn’t get anywhere near the number of people killed by tyrannical governments.

    • Petra van Goor

      Except it wasn’t Hitler who introduced gun control, but the Weimar Republic that was in charge before him. Hitler in fact expanded gun ownership in 1938.

      • Nemesis919

        True, but there was still gun control. Expanded gun control is still gun control.

    • Nemesis919

      People don’t get it, they think we’re saying that if we have guns we’ll automatically win. That’s not the case. We still might lose, but you still fight back. Not because victory is assured, but because it’s simply the right and natural thing to do.

    • Badge3832

      A few handguns wouldn’t have helped. European Jews didn’t have militias anyway.
      Besides most holocaust victims were not from Germany.

  • meowththatsright



  • JohnKL

    Michael Vick was a ‘duel-threat’ QB? I think the columnist means ‘dual-threat,’ as in the QB’s ability to run the ball as well as pass. I swear, so many of these articles are written by complete morons.

    • WriteBrainedJR

      It’s still a dumb statement. Vick would have to be a competent passer to be a dual-threat QB…or any kind of QB, really.

  • John H. Holliday

    Rocker has been persecuted by the media for speaking the truth… Scroo the media.

  • John H. Holliday

    I’d love to hear Syracuse University justify letting Melo be a “student” athlete… It just shows that most times the expression “student-athlete” is uttered, we should laugh out loud. People who can’t read should still be in elementary school, and NOT college.

    • shinz

      You are right. But talent is the loop hole to that and makes the school a lot of money, not to mention if the person makes the draft. We need to make sure athletes can at least read at a tenth grade level and make sure we give them the needed supports in college. unless they will bypass college and go pro right away.

  • John H. Holliday

    Chamberlain is a monkey.

    • Lucifer


    • shinz

      A monkey who can play damn good ball.

  • John H. Holliday

    Whenever I think of Plexiglass Burress, I can only laugh. Imagine getting sent to jail for shooting yourself!

    • WriteBrainedJR

      Burress’s stupidity hardly starts with that incident. He spiked a live ball on two different occasions when he was still with the Steelers. He’s just a moron.

  • HisMajestyOKeefe

    What about the NBA player when asked about what It felt like playing a mile high in Denver replied “we played indoors”

  • Negroponte

    your list is officially garbage since manti te’o wasn’t even on the lsit, when he should have been number one.

  • MacJacMcCoy

    Vick is on this list bc of his dog fighting but there was no room for Aaron Hernandez and Ray Carruth ? 2 guys who not only murdered multiple people (Hernandez killed Odin Lloyd and 2 guys in a drive by after a fight in a club, Caruth killed his wife an unborn child) but did it so sloppily that even the 20 dumb athletes on this list could have figured out that they were the perpetrators.

  • Curt Shaw

    OJ Simpson is not on the list??? He is DEFINITELY number ONE! He gets away with a double murder and then goes to prison for stealing his OWN stuff!

  • Josh Tufts

    Anything J.R. Smith does

  • Tim Murphy

    Sure, some of those guys did dumb things like injure themselves celebrating, but that does not translate into 20 dumbest athletes. Dumbest things athletes have done would be more accurate. We’ve ALL done dumb things, like writing a misleading headline.

  • Bedoin

    My only argument with the list is that Mike Tyson should be number one.

  • jeff cole

    I can think of a lot more that should be on the list. The 1st one being Rodman to bad the NBA doesn’t get as many interviews as football I think there is as many dumb bunnies as the NFL and MLB!

  • sjl9492

    I think the writer might be dumber than half those athletes.. Atleast the athletes made a name for themselves..

  • Arturo Redsox

    Leon Spinks gets no respect !

  • Sean Yoes

    Tyson and Vick (Tyson especially) you’re wrong about. But, Metta World Peace? No doubt!

  • joseph t

    what, this is terrible, this should be called “Athletes that made half-stupid-half-accidental-mistakes”

  • rayg0838

    What is actually the biggest problem is the owners who give these mental midgets 100′s of millions $$$$ to play in their organization. The owners must be included in this group, although the implication is obvious, however, only to a few normal people. Most fans of professional sports are are dumb as the players they clap for during a game…..Just A Thought!!!

  • Nate Kenny

    This isn’t based on actual IQ level or anything. It’s mostly based on one-time incidents the players had on the field or court. Title is very misleading.

  • Alonzo

    The only thing dumb here is this list. I can’t believe this trash. Fab Melo stupid because he didn’t speak English very well and had academic issues because of it?

  • DaBears

    Suh is one of the most intelligent DT in NFL History. As a Bears fan I would, as anyone else would love to have this dude on our team. I feel as if the ‘Dirty’ reputation that Suh has gotten has been nothing more then a media dramatization of the truth. Look again at the ‘Stomp,’ it was not a stomp. The kick was not intentional. The plays he makes would have made him the best player in the league during say Warren Sapp days, making Sapp nothing more then 2nd Best! He will be a first ballot HOF’er. I hope he leaves the Lions so that Cutler does not have to shit his pants every time we play Detroit.

  • justjack21

    and last i looked there was a darker side to the 16th dumbest, a 300,000 way tie between every boog who ever played sports

  • Roy M

    Where is Pete Rose on this list? Bet on baseball, and your own team, for years, get caught and go to jail. Lie about it for 20 years.

  • Redd_Melendez

    No Ryan Leaf?

  • markrabo

    When Cris Dishman played in the NFL, mostly with the Houston Oilers during their “House of Pain” era, he committed a lot of dumb plays. The feather on the cap had to be in 2000, when he was with the Vikings, covering Antonio Freeman during overtime of a Monday Night Football contest against the Green Bay Packers. He broke up a pass and was frustrated because he almost intercepted it, but he forgot to listen for the ref’s whistle. Freeman managed to catch the ball while he was on the ground, then run it in for the TD because Dishman _still_ wasn’t paying attention to what was happening on the field.

  • seti

    they all hgavep roblems however the biggest Ahole to me is Fl;oyd mayweather..dumb ass with his money will soon be departed.

  • dontworrydon

    You forgot to include the 20 stupidest writers of al time which you head up the list!

  • Run

    Ryan Leaf?

  • TRich78

    Where is Ricky “Rastafarian” Williams on this list?

  • wildn1970

    Where’s O.J.?!

  • David Teas

    I’ve got a couple, Kobe Bryant (rapist), but how about a female? The snowboarder chick in the winter Olympics who was about to win (A GOLD MEDAL) and tried a trick(it was a race) and crashed. DUMB!!!! I won’t even mention her name. One of the stupidest things, I have ever witnessed. I believe it was in 2010. You train your entire life for that moment, just to piss it away.

  • http://www.facebook.com/TheChristianRestorationMinistry Minister Speed

    Yeah and how many millions do you have. That’s what editors are for. To correct my mistakes. Stop hating and you’re pretty dumb for writing this article.

  • Mahi Tuna

    only 20? most blow through millions of dollars and are broke a few short years after sports. Even those in meaningless jobs after making 10-50 million dollars are idiots. Almost all have children from multiple women and end up with huge support payments. Birth control is an area idiots have trouble grasping. Yes, some women may try to trap an idiot (not difficult) but these idiots make the same mistake 4,5, 6 times or more. Those are the super star idiots. Super idiots blow through millions, impregnant large number of women, then break the law ending up in prison, They are on the Super Idiot Penal All Star League. The IPL league, Idiot penal league. Most teams are coached by the idiots who rob a bank or store and then cannot escape because of automatic door locks. They have high profile agents, usually smartly dressed drug cartel leaders.

    • shinz

      This is interesting, what you’re saying here because the sports leagues really value a clean image from sports heroes like a family image and doing public relations for charities and community benefits. The leagues have to work a little harder to make sure athletes maintain that image. We don’t want to change the image of sports into a tough, negative attitude, rude place, where rudeness and lawlessness is part of the game.

  • Chris

    I want to preface this by saying Valentine shouldn’t have made those remarks because they were in bad taste, however he was right. The Mets did so much for the NYC community while most of the Yankees were home. This is why Bud Selig will always have the Mets be home on September 11th and the Yankees on the road. Mets make a lot of mistakes, and all of them get publicized but this was the other NY baseball team screwing up.

  • Moto

    What no Mickey Mantle, he could be # 1 and a lot of tennis, gulf players never attended college There plenty of ballers who finished school, beside Lyn and Luck. Why those 2?

  • David Hegewald

    what about ray caruth or aaron hernandez?

  • Chieu Vo

    Mike Tyson should not be counted since boxers don’t go through college

    • Sabe_Moya

      Didn’t the title say “20 Dumbest Professional Athletes of All Time” ?

  • imank

    Well John was certainly “off his Rocker” for his comments about New York and their residents

  • Dave Williams

    John Daly belongs on this list. Sharp as a box of wet mice, that lad is.

  • Steve Frediani

    Just look at that idiot. Just LOOK at him! that “DUH” look tells it all, folks!

  • TheGreatSwami

    Shooting up the charts with continued dedication to dumbness is Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns. With millions of bucks at stake, he continues to break league rules and face suspensions – the most recent for possibly up to a year (or more). Grow-up, baby. It’s time to put your big-boy pants on and be an adult. Rid yourself of scumbag friends who put you at risk of losing millions. Ask Chris Carter for some advice, will you please?

  • Toaster

    This site is so bloated with ads, it is not worth my time.

  • Julie L Johnston

    Dumb article. Now can we have one about the dumbest journalists?

    • JST_Chillin

      That would be too hard for them to say whose #1 . There are so many of them

  • Harry Botums

    shitttt Pat tillman sh0uld be number 1 on the dummy list. Who walks away from millions of dollar

  • Harry Botums

    only to join the military and then get killed by friendly fire…. what a dumbass lol

  • turosis

    Leon Lett – ran down a snowy field to recover a punt but instead turned it into a fumble. Didn’t that ruin Dallas’ perfect record?

  • Humberto Yi

    pretty sure Suh has a Mechanical Engineering degree, went to college for 5 years, was raised by a mom who was a school teacher. He’s a ruthless player who doesn’t fit in today’s pussy NFL, but he’s not stupid at all.

  • Cheeba James

    Mike Tyson on this makes it entirely inaccurate. Mike was misunderstood and vulnerable and was taken advantage of after loosing Custamato. He was a kid in the streets of Brooklyn that had absolutely no guidance and became a boxing legend. Mike is many things but he is far from stupid!

  • Be Walters

    No Alex Hernandez? hahha…

  • lonechicken

    Elton Brand. Early in his NBA career, at the all-star game (in Washington mind you), he was asked on the radio, “What’s the capital of the U.S.?” He didn’t know the answer. Even with relaxed standards for athletes, how the hell did he get into a top 10 college like Duke?

    • shinz

      As I stated above, talent is the loop hole.

  • BigBearCarolina

    O’Hare is a tool.

  • Anonymous


  • AJ

    What happened to Rae Carruth ? He had his girlfriend killed over child support !!!!

  • Charlene Boyd

    O.J.??? Aaron Hernandez ???



    • Overwhelmingryan

      Quit yelling.

  • Alex C.

    Would you like to know something really stupid? I’ll tell you… the fact that someone decided to pay you to write this bs. Get a real job, you and the other losers that post and comment here, excluding myself. At least these “dumb” athletes have more to show for their work. Can’t say that about you. You miserable creep.

  • ko

    this site is fucking retarded…. Suh one of the dumbest pro’s of all time?? WTF, are you high?

  • W. E. Turner

    What? No Leon Lett on the list?

  • W. E. Turner

    What? No Leon Lett on the list?

  • Kyle

    Javale McGee needs to be on here…The guy missed a basket and then proceeded to run down the court to get back on D thinking it went in with his teammates wondering what he is doing…

  • DarlingChicky

    Ray Carruth, Aaron Hernandez, OJ Simpson, Tonya Harding, Mike Danton, Al Unser, Jr., …this list is far from finished.

  • Arvin

    How does injuring yourself UNINTENTIONALLY while celebrating make you dumb? Smh, the person who made this is dumb.

  • shinz

    Like a friend told me, these athletes are ordinary people with extraordinary talent given extraordinary money, suddenly. And these days under a lot of pressure. How would I react if I suddenly received a one hundred million dollar contract. That would be a miracle and it’s a dog eat dog world out there. Mike Tyson’s animal instincts really showed when he bit holyfied’s ear. he really should have been arrested for that. causing a lot of pain. They all just have to try to control their temper and handle all that pressure.
    If you ask me they do a heck of a job dealing with these tough, competitive, pressurized positions.

  • allworld212

    If there is anything worst than a dumb athlete, it’s a pretentious. judgmental asshole.

    • Sabe_Moya

      You might want to check your spelling and punctuation there, lest you be lumped in with that 20.

      • allworld212

        If you’re having trouble with interpretation find a friend to help you. I won’t even lest or or lump you anywhere.

    • Genevieve St-Germain

      You clicked onto the article, Bruh…nobody forced you to read/validate/endorse, etcetera…

      • allworld212

        So in other words…don’t read articles unless you agree with them??…Bruh

  • shmo123

    LOL!! Only 20?

  • Scoreggia Culone

    Disagree with Vick as instantly becoming “a phenomenal dual threat”. While he may have had that in Phily, after jail, all we heard in Atlanta was “potential”- meaning he was fast but never lived up to being “phenomenal”.

  • Chris O’Hare

    Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich, traded wives. The Stupid one was Kekich, both women wound up wanting Peterson. Or maybe he was smart.

  • Ruffian1001

    JR Rider anyone?
    Failing an SAT for spelling your name wrong…

  • Jillian Waite

    Dah…Aaron Hernandez!! Here’s a guy who had everything anyone would
    ever want…except a brain. His defense will contend he is Dr. Jykel
    and Mr. Hyde

  • Gary Halpin

    How can you not only not have Aaron Hernandez on the list, but not 1? His picture is in the dictionary next to the definition of stupid.

  • Ray Washington

    Come on!!! No Latrell Spewell??? The fool Claimed he “couldn’t” Feed his Children with A 30 Million dollar Contract???? Then proceeded to lose his fortune get in trouble with the IRS, and Banks. And he had a Stay away order for the Kids He claimed he needed to feed!!!!! because his Pit-bull Bit one of his childrens ears off!!!!!!!

  • Ian Tittle

    dumass article for one thing history has shown the samrt people offtend make dum choices doe snot makt then stupid

  • chuck

    Dave Rozema, former Detroit Tiger, washed his new car with a Brillo pad. Dumb guy.

  • Kat

    What about some of the dumbass things Jeremy Roenick has said through the years?

  • DaveACIM

    some things are funny, some just unkind–Fab is a good dude, and no dummy