Bret Bielema Slips on Hog Walk, Makes People Think Karma

By Connor Muldowney
Bret Bielema
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

If you know anything about Arkansas Razorbacks head coach Bret Bielema, you know just how much people from the Wisconsin Badgers‘ program despise the first-year coach. He was once the Badgers’ head coach and led them to three straight Big Ten titles, but the most recent one resulted in him leaving the program prior to the Rose Bowl to head coach the Razorbacks in the SEC.

He is notorious for saying that the Big Ten did not want to be anything like the SEC. He seemed like such a loyal Big Ten coach and the Badgers’ fans seemingly adored him.

The came his departure from Wisconsin, headed south toward Arkansas. Bielema soon became the most hated man in the state. It was bad enough he wanted to leave the program, but he wanted to coach the team’s Rose Bowl game before leaving — how about no, Bret.

People from around the conference never liked the coach, not just because he won a handful of titles, but he was a classless act that liked to put down other teams in the conference while making himself look good — he was the king of running up the score.

Well, for all of you who hate or dislike Bielema strongly, this video is for you:

The chubby coach took a spill, made the Arkansas fans feel awkward and got up and acted like nothing happened. What a cool guy.

In case you forgot, his wife, Jen Bielema, tweeted the word “karma” following the Badgers’ controversial loss two weeks ago. Well, Badger fans, this is your chance to return the favor.

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