John Daly Drives Golf Ball From Tee in Guy's Mouth

By Connor Muldowney
John Daly
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

John Daly is one of those professional golfers that you just can’t put a read on. He is notoriously known for his drinking, but he was once a pretty solid golfer. Recently, Daly was spotted at a Nashville pizza place, with his golf clubs, hitting golf balls off of tees carefully placed in random people’s mouths.

Okay, so maybe it was just one guy and it could have been his friend for all we know, but it was caught on video and Daly still had his clubs with him at a pizza place for some reason. Watch the ridiculous, yet awesome, tee shot from between this guy’s teeth.

I’m not sure if anyone should trust this guy who has seemingly disappeared from golf and when he does hit the course, he wears some outlandish outfit. However, he did seem a bit watered down as he was wearing some regular attire, including the hat of his favorite college football team.

The man on the ground was pretty brave. He didn’t flinch, squirm or scream. Daly hit the ball — in what looks like the parking lot of the pizza place — with relative ease. The tee off was clean and the group of people encouraging him to do the stunt were please with the result — even if it probably did end up in a broken car window.

Daly should start traveling around the country doing this same stunt with the same guy just so he can make some money that way while he’s not hitting the links.

Well done, John. Well done.

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