Lolo Jones is Packing On Pounds for 2014 Winter Olympics

By Andrew Fisher

There are certainly some mixed feelings when it comes to Lolo Jones and her decision to participate in the 2014 Winter Olympics. After coming up short in the last two Summer Olympics in the 100M hurdles, the sprinter decided to take her talents to the ice and the American bobsled team. Her reasoning? She simply wants to win an Olympic medal.

After falling at the end of her race in Bejing and then placing a disappointing 4th in London, I can’t say I blame her. Winning gold is clearly her top priority, but at this point, anything will do. You can’t fault someone for trying to live out their dreams. So as odd as it may seem to have a sprinter now jumping into a bobsled in the winter games, that’s the reality for Lolo.

But an interesting part of the transition to bobsledding is something that many people find easy to do – gaining weight. That’s right, Lolo is packing on the pounds for the 2014 Sochi games. To get up to her target weight of 160 pounds, the Olympian has been taking in 9,000 calories per day. That includes two protein shakes that are about 1,300 calories a piece and four bacon cheeseburgers.

“I’m the heaviest ever in my life. It took so much work. I’m three pounds away from my ultimate goal. I’m pumped about this muscle weight. My abs are still there. I’m still cut, just super solid, said Jones.”

She also had this funny comment on the perception of bobsledding:

“People are just so confused. Bobsled brings a lot of confusion in itself because really the only informative things we have out there is Cool Runnings and that’s not quite accurate.”

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I for one, am rooting for Jones to win her first Olympic medal. You can say what you want about her attitude or questionable comments, but there’s no denying she’s a determined athlete trying to live out her dream. It might not be her original dream, but who else can say they went from sprinting to bobsledding?


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