Bob Costas Says Baseball is Screwed if Rays vs. Reds Matchup Happens in World Series

Bob Costas

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Bob Costas is a legendary sportscaster, who’s well respected by many across the nation for his opinions. This is especially true when it comes to baseball. Costas is a human encyclopedia when it comes to baseball history. His stance on the issue of PEDs in baseball and its impact on the hall of fame, is spot on in my book. But when it comes to the current state of baseball, Costas isn’t mincing words when it comes to this year’s World Series.

It’s no secret that MLB attendance and ratings are down league-wide. It’s with that in mind, that the sportscaster made this comment:

“If Tampa Bay plays Cincinnati in the World Series, I don’t care if the series goes seven games and every game goes into extra innings, baseball is screwed. That’s not fair to the Rays or the Reds, but it’s true.”

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He’s right, it’s not fair to the Reds or Rays, but it’s true. Call it a harsh reality or whatever you want to, casual fans will not care about that matchup. The game needs as high of a profile matchup as possible. The best case scenario in that regard would probably be Dodgers vs. Red Sox. That series would take place in two of the largest markets in the US – Los Angeles and Boston. If it’s ratings baseball wants (and you know that’s the case), an LA/Boston WS is where it’s at.

We’ll see how everything plays out, but I’m fearing the worst when it comes to the upcoming ratings for playoff baseball.


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  • Lauren Burg

    That really isn’t a fair statement. Is it true? Possibly. But it’s really rude to make a comment like that when there ARE Rays & Reds fans, passionate to the core, in this world. Plus, Tampa Bay has NEVER won a World Series, and the national media HATES them. However, I really think going far could win them some respect, and quite possibly, some extra fans.

    • Texas1Der

      Lauren, the truth is always fair. I think the word you were looking for is “blunt.” Costas didn’t make the observation out of any dislike of either town or team, but based on the reality of the size of those markets and fan bases. I’m a huge Tigers fan, but if Detroit can’t win it, I would love to see the Rays win a World Series. They are an organization that runs their ballclub the right way.