Top-25 Celebrities Who Are Huge Sports Fans

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Top 25 Celebrities Who Are Huge Sports Fans

Jayne Kamin-Oncea- USA TODAY Sports

There are a lot of celebrities who wanted to also be professional athletes. These celebrities, just like us, couldn't reach their dreams, but they use their celebrity to allow them exclusive access into the world of sports and the biggest athletes in today's game. Not to mention, whenever they attend a sporting event you are going to hear it every time there is an awkward pause in a sports telecast.

Some of these celebrities are the shallow type of fan who move around on the bandwagon and are not as much fans of teams as much as individuals on the team. Some of these celebrities are lifelong dedicated fans to one team and have become more associated with the team than most of the actual team is. Some have even managed to combine their celebrity and their rooting interest into songs that have reached global levels.

Whatever the type of fan there is, never any question that celebrities and sports are always going to be intertwined for the rest of time. Most athletes want to be celebrities and most celebrities want to be athletes, so it is only natural for both sides to want to get as much access as they can into the other's lifestyle. Meanwhile, we can all just sit back jealous at all of the perks associated with those lifestyles and the great sporting events these celebrities get front row seats to daily.

Without further ado, here is the 25 biggest celebrities who are always around sporting events and representing their favorite teams. It's OK to cry midway through at the jealousy of not being able to do the things these celebrities do, but just remember, you are just as important as all of these celebs. Sure, I'm not making a slideshow about you, but that doesn't mean you are any less valuable. Yeah, we will go with that.

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#25 Justin Beiber

Robert Mayer- USA TODAY Sports

Yes, we know Justin Beiber is hated, and yes, he is the biggest bandwagon fan alive which is why he is dropped to 25th, but he does go to a whole host of sporting events like the NBA Finals or walking with Floyd Mayweather. Unfortunate, Stanley Cup pictures aside, Beiber clearly has a big passion for sports and it shows.

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#24 Drake

Noah K. Murray- USA TODAY Sports

Drake is a huge Miami Heat fan and even if security denied him a chance to hangout with Lebron James during the Finals, he eventually got to later. What came first, the Miami Heat fan or the bandwagon?

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#23 Bill Cosby

Mark L. Baer- USA TODAY Sports

Bill Cosby is always going to sporting events and never has an interview where he isn't discussing his deep love affair with the college he went to long ago, Temple University. Cosby has been a one-man recruiting tool for Temple athletics.

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#22 Condolezza Rice

Susan Mullane- USA TODAY Sports

Condolezza Rice enjoys going to Wimbledon when she is not at any big Stanford sporting event as their President. Rice has traveled far and wide to support the athletic programs and has a soft spot for sports.

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#21 George W. Bush

Matthew Emmons- USA TODAY Sports

Sticking with politics for the last time before a get a whole comment section accusing me of picking the entire cabinet of George W. Bush's presidency (where will Colin Powell show up?), the former President of the United States previously owned the Texas Rangers and is a mainstay at Rangers Ballpark.

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#20 Usher

Matthew Emmons- USA TODAY Sports

Usher is one of the biggest sports fans around and most importantly, he is loyal. Any Atlanta team has received Usher's support including even the WNBA, which shows dedication or a massive need for sleep.

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#19 Kid Rock

Andrew Weber- USA TODAY Sports

When he is not dressed as a giant alien baked potato for Thanksgiving concerts, Kid Rock is representing Detroit in every way possible. Songs, attendance, interviews, chives, butter, the whole works.

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#18 Jon Bon Jovi

Brian Spurlock- USA TODAY Sports

I picked the worst picture I could find of Jon Bon Jovi for some reason. Bon Jovi once owned the Philadelphia Soul, which is an Arena Football League while also being a massive NFL fan on top of it.

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#17 Nelly

Scott Rovak- USA TODAY Sports

Nelly, who was a former athlete himself back in his high school days, has never lost touch with his roots (mostly because his hair is pretty sure). The St. Louis native has always been a giant supporter of all things St. Louis, including its sports teams.

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#16 Jerry Seinfeld

Brad Penner- USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Seinfeld is the biggest New York Mets fan there is, and that is not just because he may be the only New York Mets fan in existence.

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#15 Drew Carey

Steven Bisig- USA TODAY Sports

Drew Carey loves sports, but his spreading of Cleveland sports and soccer loses him spots in the countdown. Also losing the weight means a drop, as he is no longer in the fat club. Still, his ownership in the MLS has been the most successful ownership in U.S Soccer. Yes, U.S Soccer exists.

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#14 Regis Philbin

Brad Barr- USA TODAY Sports

Regis Philbin lands at 14, but you aren't going to find a more loyal sports fan in the world. Notre Dame through and through, Philbin lasted 100 years on ABC discussing who Notre Dame played next week. Now he makes a living doing it on Fox Sports 1.

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#13 Ice Cube

Kirby Lee- USA TODAY Sports

The only logical person to follow Regis Philbin is Ice Cube. Ice Cube somehow still supports the Oakland Raiders and that deserves the utmost respect. His songs involving them are big parts of the Raiders culture of eating small animals and scaring children.

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#12 Wiz Khalifa

Mitch Stringer- USA TODAY Sports

Wiz Khalifa made one of the most successful sports songs ever with Black & Yellow. It's a song even a nerdy white guy like me can embarrassingly sing in the supermarket. Pittsburgh should be thankful for that song, but it may be time to tune it down a bit and find something new to sing to.

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#11 Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion

Brian Spurlock- USA TODAY Sports

Snoop Dogg, Snoop Lion, Snoopy. I'm not sure what we are going by today, but you can't argue his passion for sports. A huge USC fan, he has been outspoken about the now fired Lane Kiffin, and while he didn't cause that firing, he is the cause of a lot of other firings if you know what I mean. I don't.

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#10 Lil Wayne

Matt Cashore- USA TODAY Sports

Lil Wayne always is rapping for Floyd Mayweather; he is also always trying to attend basketball games even when he is not allowed to be. Anyone who is good enough to even cause controversies in the sports world while not being in the sports world deserves a top-10 spot.

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#9 Jay-Z

Bob Donnan- USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, Jay-Z owned a piece of an NBA team and is now a sports agent, but I just wanted a picture of Beyoncé.

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#8 Bill Murray

Rob Grabowski- USA TODAY Sports

Bill Murray is still a Chicago Cubs fan and that is a perfect marriage for two entities that were relevant 20 years ago. Too harsh?

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#7 Billy Crystal

Jayne Kamin-Oncea- USA TODAY Sports

How many celebs get to actually play in a Spring Training game? Billy Crystal got that chance with his beloved New York Yankees, and while the at-bat was uglier than a Miley Cyrus twerking session, it's still a huge thing to be able to say.

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#6 Ashley Judd

Brian Spurlock- USA TODAY Sports

Yes, her marriage has robbed us of ever seeing her run onto a race track barefooted, but that doesn't mean Ashley Judd is done being a sports fan. Judd is the biggest supporter of Kentucky ever, sorry Zachary Taylor.

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#5 Jamie Foxx

Tyler Kaufman- USA TODAY Sports

Jamie Foxx is the biggest celeb you will find representing the city of Dallas ,even apparently fighting the Hornets mascot in defense of his city. The fight was so bad the Hornets moved back to Charlotte.

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#4 Larry King

Kirby Lee- USA TODAY Sports

Larry King, or as he is known to CNN "The guy who will never die," is in at No. 4 and still the biggest Los Angeles Dodgers supporter around.

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#3 Jessica Alba

Susan Mullane- USA TODAY Sports

Jessica Alba is a huge sports fan, but I mainly needed to wash that picture of Larry King out of my memory.

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#2 Spike Lee

Joe Camporeale- USA TODAY Sports

Everyone knew Spike Lee was going to be on this list. He might as well be the New York Knicks mascot at this point.

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#1 Jack Nicholson

Kirby Lee- USA TODAY Sports

You can't handle the truth about the No. 1 biggest sports celebrity. I'm so sorry.