15 Awesome Fan Signs From 2013

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15 Awesome Sports Fan Signs From 2013

awesome fan signs from 2013
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A memorable sign is the best way for a sports spectator to get his point across to a big audience. Whether it's love or hatred they wish to share, making a funny or poignant sign is their greatest chance for getting some time in front of the camera. Thanks to some impressively witty fans out there, what we end up with is a multitude of great micro-literature that represents anything and everything about the team the sign-maker roots for, depending on what the sign-maker desires to represent.

The fan sign has long been a tradition in popular sports. These signs can serve as barometers of a fan base's current mood, or as the delivery system for a cruel-but-awesome punchline. They can also show gratitude towards players and coaches, or be used to show the fans' support in moments of distress. Today, Rant Sports offers you the whole gambit of sports fan signage of this year, from proclamations of love and support, to literary outbursts of unbridled discontent.

Because of the vast spectrum of moods and messages displayed through these fan signs, it would seem improper to rank them by any kind of value. It's just too difficult to compare a good joke to a well-worded complaint or a loving message of support. Because of that, we'd like to point out that these entries are presented in no particular order of value or awesomeness (though they are numbered for formatting purposes). So, without further ado, here are 15 funny, poignant, or otherwise awesome fan signs from the year so far:

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15. Pacer Pride

a hungry fan in Indy
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It seems only fitting to start the list with some up-and-coming talent that's getting their fan base pumped up. The Indiana Pacers had a legitimate coming-out party in the NBA last season, and this fan looks as if he's ready to feast on the opposition. That's the first of many bad puns, so prepare yourself. It comes with the territory in this case.

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14. Young at Heart

a Kings fan's plea
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Here, this lovely lady shares her displeasure with the thought of her favorite team being sold. Her bedazzled sign and commendable passion turned out to be an omen for good things to come. In May, the Sacramento Kings were sold to a group that intends to keep the team in Sacramento.

While this proud fan exhibits her youthful passion in an awesome way, our next entry shows that children can also show serious dedication ...

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13. 'Bama's Future Star

future Alabama recruit
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

This young fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide seems to be trying to eye out a scout in the stands as he displays his Roll Tide pride and plans for eventual recruitment. While it's up to puberty to decide what role he'll play in 'Bama's future, it looks like the necessary passion is there.

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12. College Controversy 2-For-1

killing two birds with one stone
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

And so the insult-flinging begins, with a sign that cleverly combines UNC's school credits scandal and Manti Teo's nonexistent lady friend. Tired of imaginary girlfriend jokes? Well that's unfortunate, because it looks as though they're here to stay.

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11. Clowney-ng Around (Sorry)

Clowney's frightening sign
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Speaking of killing two birds with one stone, this Georgia Bulldogs fan triggered terror among people with a fear of clowns while making a clever visual pun on the name of star defensive end, Jadeveon Clowney. Coulrophobia victims around the world would surely lose it upon seeing this depiction of IT's face plastered on the body of a freakishly athletic, 250-pound football player.

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10. Detroit D-Fence

a classy upgrade to the traditional sign
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Enough with the puns, let's get back to the classics. This Detroit Lions fan puts a new spin on the old “D-Fence” sign by adding the always-classy Old English “D” of Detroit Tigers fame.

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9. Who Doesn't Love Nickelback?

rival fans reveal Roy's biggest secret
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

While not as novel as the previous few entries, making fun of Nickelback is never not fun. I like Roy Williams a lot, so I really hope they're just fibbing. College fans love some good insult comedy, and rightfully so, but the following entry is a sad example of a college fan tackling a more serious topic ...

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8. Big East Burial

a grim and ominous sign from a mourning fan
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

This Rutgers Scarlet Knights fan did all he could to share his mourning with the masses with this grim sign. Rutgers won this Big East tournament game against DePaul, 76-57, but the conference underwent huge changes after the season's end. Speaking of angry fans ...

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7. A Message To A-Rod

a fan's simple message to A-Rod
Brad Penner- USA TODAY Sports

In an August game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, this New York Yankees fan displays his discontent with Alex Rodriguez with a very simple message.

Though some signs on this list have prettier lettering and higher production value, this sign represented a thought that was prevalent among signs that display the rage of a team's fan base, but we'll let those slide. Let's finish up with something more positive ...

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6. Thanking Andy

reverent fan thanks former coach
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Some Philadelphia Eagles fans have earned them a less-than-lovable reputation, but this fan reveals Philly's soft side with this warm message of gratitude. “The time was yours ...” is a reference to Andy Reid's token phrase given to the media before taking questions: “The time is yours.”

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5. Farewell To Ray

Ravens fans bid farewell to a legend
Ron Chenoy- USA TODAY Sports

Now that we're on the topic of football, let's not forget about Ray Lewis and Ray's Last Ride. Here is one of many, many signs made by fans last season to bid the Baltimore Ravens linebacker and future first-ballot Hall-of-Famer a fond farewell.

Since we're getting sentimental, let's take a look at other loving goodbyes and more emotional moments reflected through homemade signage ...

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4. meMOries, Indeed

young Red Sox fan says goodbye
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Could there better way to reflect Mariano Rivera's greatness than the publicized respect of a young Boston Red Sox fan? Wherever he went, Rivera left a lasting impression of professionalism that fans always respected.

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3. One MO Time

one more for the GOAT
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Here we have another great sign dedicated to the man so nice we included him on this list twice. There really couldn't be enough love to go around for this all-time great. So, what can match saying goodbye to Mo? Well, there was one thing ...

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2. Boston Strong

Boston rallies together
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Here are several Red Sox fans showing their support after the tragic events that occurred at the Boston Marathon. Red Sox Nation rallied around this cause in a truly inspiring way.

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1. More Big Love For Boston

young fans respond
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Say it with me now – awwwwwww. Nothing says positive like children rallying together to support a wonderful cause. It's photos like this that keep reminding us how truly important and wonderful sports can be.