Cleveland Indians Fans Wear Controversial Redface

By Connor Muldowney
Cleveland Indians
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Some fans are so passionate about their favorite team that they dress up like lunatics to support it. Many fans just show a complete disregard for their own well-being, wearing painted letters on their chest that spell out the team name or nickname — even if it’s below freezing.

Yes, fan is short for fanatic and some of them are just flat-out crazy. We all feel some sort of rush when we root for our favorite team when watching them on TV or in person. Sometimes you just can’t hold back any emotions, screaming at the field of play and acting like the players or refs can hear you.

There’s a crazy fan in all of us.

However, some of us a cray when rooting for sports, these Cleveland Indians fans are just flat-out crazy for donning a controversial red face. Check it out here:

Cleveland Fans

If you can’t tell why this is an issue, then that’s an issue. These three guys are wearing the red face of what looks like “Indians”. It is a racial jab at what the Native Americans of the past used to be portrayed as. This shows as much class as LeBron James‘ college career.

I can’t even fathom why they thought this would be a good idea. Maybe they thought it would be taken in a playful manner, but it was on national TV and showed a complete disregard for morals. This country is trying to move forward from painful racism in the past and then you see something like this.

Poor move, Cleveland fans. Poor move.

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