Jose Canseco Wants To Manage Chicago Cubs, Lays Out 10-Part Plan To Save MLB

By Andrew Fisher
Jose Canseco
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Canseco is well known for speaking his mind. He’s a little on the crazy side at times, but let’s be honest, he spoke the truth about steroids in baseball before anybody else did. Most of what he claimed, ended up being true. But since his first book Juiced, he hasn’t done a whole lot besides suiting up for a few independent baseball teams. However, Canseco has now thrown his hat in the ring to become the Chicago Cubs next manager. Along the way, he also threw Ozzie Guillen under the bus.

In addition to his dreams of being the Cubs’ new manager, Canseco also thinks he could be the next MLB Commissioner. The former slugger also took to Twitter with his 10-part plan to save baseball.

Here are all 10 parts:

(1) ‘Stop drug testing but ban players with moobies.’

(2) ‘Use imminent domain and seize all teams from owner and give to cities.  Profits to local youth sports.’

(3) ‘Get rid of DH.’ ‘Juice the ball.’

(4) ‘All umpires must be ex players.’

(5) ‘Move mlb offices to Las Vegas.’

(6) ‘Limit mlb players to 100% humans.’

(7) ‘Kids U12 get into all games free.’

(8) ‘No penalties for fighiting if it is only two guys.’

(9) ‘No extra innings home run derby settles ties.’

(10) ‘VHS demolition night at astrodome before it’s torn down.’

There you have it, Jose Canseco’s plan to save MLB. Some of his ideas aren’t that terrible, while others are just a wee bit crazy. As for his chances of managing the Cubs, I think he has a better chance of being offered a special PED-type of role with MLB.


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