Skip Bayless and 15 Sports Broadcasters Who You Can’t Stand

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15 Most Hated Sports Broadcasters

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Sports broadcasting is almost a fine art. Men and women take to the air waves and speak their opinions on important matters in sports, announce games, analyze events and predict what teams will do or how players will perform. The job description of a sports broadcaster is usually to be unbiased, objective and good in from of a camera.

Throughout the years, we have seen -- and heard -- our fair share of great broadcasters. Some are eccentric and show passion for their respective sport while others just have a soothing voice and personality -- or even great opinions -- that you love to tune into just to see what they have to say. Great sports broadcasters are few and far between.

John Madden and Al Michaels can be on the list of the best sports broadcasters of all time for the NFL. They both know the game better than anyone and Madden even has a video game named after him. Those two are recent greats as well as Bob Costas who can cover basically any sport -- including the Olympics.

However, there are about five terrible sports broadcasters to every one good one. It seems like TV today is ridden with arrogant former athletes who like to pull the card, "when I was playing", to show that they are superior to those who haven't played. Don't get me wrong, not all athletes-turned-broadcasters are arrogant. In fact, a lot of them are just very knowledgeable and don't bring up their playing days unless asked.

Some bad sports broadcasters never even played the sport, but still act like they are more knowledgeable and just flat-out better than anyone else who is a fan, player, coach, etc. -- a good example of this is Skip Bayless.

Take a look at this list of the 15 sports broadcasters who you can't help but hate. Let me know who I'm missing.

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Stephen A. Smith

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Loud, disruptive and angry. These are just a few of the most popular descriptions regarding Stephen A. Smith. He is pretty knowledgeable in NBA matters, but other sports aren't really his thing.

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Chris Berman

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

If you watch the MLB Home Run Derby every year, you probably have to put your TV on mute when Berman is talking. I mean, come on Chris, can't you just hold your overreactions until after the batter finishes his round. Oh yeah, and he's a pretty loud, fast-talking NFL analyst.

Check out this video of Chris not taking too kindly to the cameramen on an old NFL show. BEWARE, THIS VIDEO CONTAINS EXTREME PROFANITY.

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Dick Vitale

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Dickie V. baby. This guy is the epitome of an eccentric broadcaster. Sure, he might be beloved by few for his 'crazy grandpa' attitude. His odd phrases include "diaper dandy", "PTP-er" and "are you serious!?". If you say that you like him, I would like you to sit through an entire game of basketball with him commentating.

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Jim Rome

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Rome is one of those guys that you could never see yourself becoming friends with or even sitting in the same room with. He has an extremely arrogant attitude and sometimes gets into physical altercations with his talk show guests.

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Joe Buck

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Buck has the perfect voice for calling games, but he is so monotone and unexcited all the time that it can almost lull you to sleep. A team could win the World Series and he would keep the same tone of voice -- just awful.

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Desmond Howard

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Desmond Howard is one of those cocky former athletes who is also a big-time homer. Remember when I said one of the top rules for broadcasting is to remain objective? Yeah, that word is not in Howard's vocabulary.

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Colin Cowherd

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A sports nerd that loves to put everything and everyone down. He is rarely positive about anything and his negative attitude comes off as just bitter. You mad, Colin?

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Chris Collinsworth

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Collinsworth makes weird comments, creepy comments and comments that make it seem like he lives under a rock. Just last week, the veteran broadcaster said that anyone who puts a Patriots uniform on instantly becomes a better person. I think he forgot about Aaron Hernandez.

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Chris Broussard


Chris Broussard comes off as an ignorant, poorly-informed basketball insider. He could be one of the least-liked basketball personalities on television.

Warning: this video talks about Jason Collins' sexuality and could come off as offensive.

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Jason Whitlock


Whitlock is hard to listen to especially when you turn on the TV and see his fave instead of Michael Wilbon on Pardon the Interruption, or PTI. His arguments have no backing and his arrogant attitude makes you want to change the channel.

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Bomani Jones

via Bomani Jones' Facebook

Bomani likes to belittle anyone who counters his points and sometimes it gets personal. However, his whiny voice and boisterous attitude is just annoying. He complains about things more than he should. Just analyze the games, Bomani.

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Doug Gottlieb


I will admit, Doug Gottlieb knows a lot about college basketball -- he used to play the game. However, he got kicked out of Notre Dame for stealing credit cards from his roommate and he just gives off the vibe of being a snake. Oh yeah, and he made a really awkward racial comment on CBS. Check it out below.

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Tim McCarver


The king of over-analysis is also Joe Buck's awful counterpart. He is a former baseball player who likes to dig deep and confuse the audience when talking about the ins-and-outs of baseball.

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Mel Kiper Jr.

kiper jr.
via Mel Kiper's Facebook fan page

Mel Kiper Jr. is a draft expert and knows almost anything and everything there is to know about college players ready to take the jump to the NFL. However, his speed-talking and cocky attitude just doesn't resonate well with viewers.

This impression of Kiper Jr. is just perfect and spot-on.

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Skip Bayless


Skip is known for his sensationalist attitude. He brings his opinions on air in hopes of saying something that will start a fire under people. His opinions are rarely popular -- which is good -- but his arguments on those opinions are just awful.