Video of Michael Jordan Dominating O.J. Mayo Released

By Erik Sargent
Michael Jordan
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

When you think of the game of basketball, there is one name that will certainly always come to mind and will always be discussed no matter what the situation is: Michael Jordan.

He is the king of basketball and is unanimously considered to be the greatest of all time. He captured the attention of everyone through the 90s with his high-flying style of play, winning championships, MVPs and slam dunk contests with ease.

Many people like to debate how today’s stars like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James would matchup to Jordan during his prime. It’s a hot topic of debate in almost any sports medium at some point, and it’s never-ending. Some people even wonder if Jordan can still play. He’s 50 years old, but people still entertain the thought of him still trying to play one more time.

Well, major fuel just got added to that fire. A video was leaked of Jordan performing at a basketball camp in 2006, where he is absolutely dominating.

Here in the video, you see Jordan looking vintage, with sweet moves, nice fadeaways and fancy layups. What’s even more astounding in the video is he’s matched up against current NBA star O.J. Mayo, and he’s making him look silly.

This video will create all sorts of hype and it already has. Last week, Jordan was quoted saying he could take LeBron one-on-one. This week, NBA analyst Jalen Rose said he thinks Jordan will try and play one more NBA game for the Charlotte Bobcats, which he currently owns. Rose was very persistent with the idea and swears it will happen.

Nobody knows for sure, but judging by this video, it looks like Jordan would be just fine.

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