LeBron James' Receding Hairline Featured in NBA 2K14

By Connor Muldowney
LeBron James
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year, NBA 2K14 has finally been released and has been getting some of the best reviews and highest ratings of any NBA simulation ever. Okay, so this may not be everyone’s favorite time of the year. I mean football, basketball and hockey are all starting up and baseball is in the playoffs. The release of this video game is just the icing on the sports heaven cake.

The Miami Heat have won back-to-back NBA titles and are looking for a three-peat. Basically becoming the villains of the league, the Heat are happy with their distinction as the NBA’s most-hated team, but it may not be too long before they are split apart. LeBron James‘ contract is up at the end of the season and he might consider donning a different team’s uniform come next offseason.

For now, though, he will remain a member of the Heat and lead this team back to yet another NBA Finals appearance.

Basketball video games usually give James a ton of respect, rating him as the top overall player in the game — and he is just that. However, NBA 2K14 showed just how realistic it is — in regards to James’ receding hairline.

The picture below is of James in 2K13 version of the game and the photo on the left is him in this year’s version.

LeBron Hairline
via Reddit

Okay, the game got it right — like it does with many fixes that need to be made. It’s the minor things like this and the attention to detail that make everyone adore the 2K games.

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