Canadian High School Running Back Does His Best Marshawn Lynch Impression

By Connor Muldowney
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

This football season, we have seen our fair share of awesome football runs. Running backs from the NFL, college and high school have showcased their talents and made it into the spotlight with epic runs. Even one pre-teen reeled off a long run, including a stiff arm, that was the No. 1 play on Sportscenter‘s top-10 for the better part of couple weeks.

Jaeden Washington is a high school football player from Toronto and he is the definition of a beast — or at least he looks like it in this recent video that has come out of the running back’s 50-yard touchdown run sprinkled with truck sticks and poor tackling.

As you can see, the defense isn’t the greatest, but running other people over on the football field isn’t easy, especially when you aren’t going full-speed. Washington looks like he’s going about half-speed, walking through defenders will ease.

All of those arm tackles would make any high school coach go crazy and the lack of effort was borderline pathetic. At least seven defenders had a chance to make the play and no one was even close. As he crosses the goal-line into the endzone, you can clearly see the scoreboard read “33-2”. I wonder who was in the lead of this game. How about not the team in red that couldn’t even remotely slow down the opposing team’s running back.

Just an embarrassing display of football on this play, but Washington should surely take advantage of the poor defenses if this is what he sees in every game.

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