Miami Dolphins Mascot Doesn't Know the Rules of Football

By Connor Muldowney
Miami Dolphins
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have been one of the surprise teams in the NFL this season. Ryan Tannehill has led the Fins to a 3-2 record through five games and after an unbeaten start, the team is starting to come back to earth. Miami’s mascot, T.D., is still stuck believing that the Dolphins can’t be beaten and everything is going right.

Why do I bring up this adorable mascot? In the team’s second-straight loss in week five against the Baltimore Ravens, the goofy-looking mascot celebrated what looked to be a game-tying field goal, but missed wide left.

As you can see, the mascot was elated at the fact that Caleb Sturgis, the Dolphins kicker, had missed a 50-plus yard field with less than a minute left that ultimately led to the Dolphins loss to the Ravens.

Jumping up and down, it was almost cute how he thought that the field goal split the uprights and counted for three points to tie the game. It was a tough loss for Dolphins fans to have to suffer through, but at least T.D. had a good time, right?

It was sad to see the playful mascot realize his stupidity when he looked toward the refs just to see them signal the “no good” hand motion. His heart dropped and he pouted like a little boy who had to share his toys with the smelly kid in class.

In all seriousness, this was a tough pill for the unknowing mascot to swallow. He had first row seats to a game he didn’t even know the rules to and made a fool of himself on national television.

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