National Congress of American Indians Releases Racist Hat Photo to Prove Point

By Andrew Fisher
Redskins Name Change
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The push is no doubt heavily on for the Washington Redskins and other teams with similar names to make a change. It’s been a hot button issue for years but Daniel Snyder‘s comments over the summer seem to have really angered Native Americans and those opposed to nicknames like Redskins. Snyder emphatically said that his team will ‘never’ change its name.

Last week President Obama weighed in with his two cents and suggested that he would seriously consider a change if it was his call. Now, the National Congress of American Indians has really stirred up some controversy by creating a photo of other racially themed ball caps. Here’s a look at the real photo released by the organization:

 Fake Racist Hats

It’s clear that they mean business with this photo. I also believe that they raise a valid point. Why is it acceptable for teams to use caricatures and slang terms regarding Native Americans for their logos? If one of the above fake logos was ever seriously suggested, it would be met with the harshest of criticisms by those groups of people.

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The writing is on the wall at this point. The Redskins will undergo a name change and the Indians will change their logo at some point in the near future. The culture in America has changed drastically over the last decade and people just won’t let such things slide anymore. I know fans of the teams support the names, but when the President is weighing in and saying he might consider a change, that speaks volumes about the situation.


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