NFL and NCAA Weekend Roundup: Tony Romo Chokes, Women in Sports and Jameis Winston

By wesleymills
Romo had more numbers, Manning won game
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Welcome to the Coach’s Corner! A place of snarky satire, lively debate and opinionated bias, this segment is meant to provoke, possibly poke fun of and make light of a hobby that we tend to speak oh so seriously of – our country’s present obsession – football.

From college to pro, and heck, maybe even a high school highlight or two if I deem it noteworthy, the Coach’s Corner aims to entertain. Pop open a cold one if you dare, and laugh – because that’s what we’re here for.

The ridiculous play of the week: This two-point conversion/extravaganza that occurred in the Rutgers Scarlet Knights vs. Southern Methodist University Mustangs game. I’m willing to bet that this is probably one of the most, if not the most, ludicrous, but excellent, play you will see this year:

Playground of the week: Tallahassee, Florida. The Florida State Seminoles had their way with the Maryland Terapins on Saturday in a 63-0 trouncing. The stadium looked half empty on Saturday at the start of the fourth quarter, but who knows why because “Famous” Jameis Winston was still in there throwing haymakers and making Manziel-type escapes like this one:

Best cover of the week: Ohio State Buckeyes. A 5.5-point favorite, the Buckeyes beat the Northwestern Wildcats 40-30, and were up four on the last play of the game when a miracle attempt gone wrong happened that led to a fumble, a Buckeyes score and a lot of disappointed people in Vegas. The estimated damages to sports books is around $3-4 million. Yikes!

Worst finish of the week: If you watched the CBS game of the week, you saw the Tennessee Volunteers and their fans get their hearts broken one more time after coming back against the Georgia Bulldogs and making play after play after play only to have  it end in disappointing fashion in overtime. They say it’s a game of inches, and these inches sting bad.

Bone-header of the week: David Pollack? Pat Dye? Anyone sounding off about Condoleezza Rice getting a seat on the playoff committee panel? Seriously, folks. This is 2013 and the argument that a) she’s a woman and b) she’s never played football before are silly, borderline asinine arguments. We’re better than that, America. By the way, Rice has made global economical and governmental decisions before in crisis situations. I think she can handle who’s a better team between the fourth and fifth best team in the nation.

NFL Fun Tidbits

Throw the red flag: Against anyone calling Tony Romo a choker. The man played out of his mind on Sunday afternoon, and all that anyone will remember is that one, measly interception. While it was terrible timing, and any mistake that you make against Peyton Manning and Denver Broncos is costly, the Dallas Cowboys aren’t in the position to win the game if not for Romo. There’s some blame to share because of his past mistakes, but to put the loss on his shoulders is too much.

Man-Up: Jacksonville Jaguars. You’re a 28-point underdog this week against the Broncos. You’re one of 32 NFL teams. Take some pride. Hit someone in the mouth. Or start getting used to the tag of the worst team ever. Your move.

Man Down: New England Patriots. When you have your right guard lining up at tight end to go out for a pass, you know you have injury problems. Rob Gronkowski is supposed to be back soon, as is Shane Vereen. Let’s hope Tom Brady gets some weapons back or it could turn south in New England.

Man Alive!: What about the Kansas City Chiefs! I know they played against a team that didn’t have their starting QB in the game, but still. Grit. Toughness. Finding ways to win. The Chiefs have more than identity. They are playing with swagger and Alex Smith is chucking the ball. Say what!

Man-Ziel running: It’s easier to ask the question which teams don’t need a QB in the league than which teams do. They’ll be plenty of teams looking at Manziel – and others – very soon.

Stand-Up: Andrew Luck. You’re not Peyton Manning, but you’re filling in very nicely in his place with the Indianapolis Colts.

Stand Down: Atlanta Falcons: You looked bad on Monday Night, and your Super Bowl hopes are over. Which is disappointing, because I really like Tony Gonzalez.

Handshake of the week: This, from Tiger Woods and Matt Kuchar:

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