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20 Athletes You Wish Would Invite You To Their Halloween Party

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20 Athletes Who Would Throw Awesome Halloween Parties

Mark J Rebllas - USA TODAY Sports

Halloween is one of the top party holidays of the year. Every fall people of all ages go crazy whether their party involves bobbing for apples or doing keg stands completely nude except for a Yoda mask. Costumes tend to lower inhibitions, couple that with some hard apple cider or a spiked pumpkin spice latte, and the party will no doubt be wild. Many athletes party as hard as they play, and unfortunately for fans some party harder than they play. For athletes like Tim Lincecum, Michael Beasley, and Ricky Williams, their partying can lead to trouble. For the most part, though, athletes are far more attractive and have far more money than normal people, so it stands to reason that athletes’ Halloween parties are far better than normal ones.

Luckily for us, athletes love social networking as much as normal people, and some are just as careless with what they post. Thanks to Instagram, we can see which athletes like to party and which ones party hardest. For Halloween, though, the best party isn’t always the wildest one. The late October air is always just a bit creepy, and the best halloween parties tend to capture that. I would be happy to party with almost any athlete, but in compiling this list, I looked for notorious party animals, athletes with interesting personalities, athletes who are a bit scary, and athletes who I thought would come up with amazing costumes. Here are the 20 Athletes you wish would invite you to their Halloween parties:

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Johnny Manziel

Nelson Chenault - USA TODAY Sports

Johnny Manziel likes to party. He’s still just a college kid, but Manziel has already had plenty of party mishaps. The Texas A&M quarterback would be sure to throw a great party, and even if he ends up getting arrested, it would still be a night to remember.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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Jayne Kamin-Oncea - USA TODAY Sports

Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. lives lavishly and parties lavishly. As the richest person on this list, Mayweather would spare no expense on his Halloween party. Whether the party is in haunted mansion or a penthouse suite, it’s sure to be amazing.

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Michael Phelps

Mark J. Rebllas - USA TODAY Sports

Michael Phelps is a gold medalist who loves to party. It doesn’t get much better than that. A photo of Phelps smoking pot didn’t really hurt his reputation, as he simply stayed quiet then won more gold medals. Phelps would probably handle an argument at his party in much the same way.

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Tim Lincecum

Christopher Hanewinckel - USA TODAY Sports

We all know San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum was caught with weed in 2009. Whether or not he continues to induldge, his Halloween party will most likely be fairly chilled out. Without his trademark long hair, his costume options are a little less funny, but he is more than capable of coming up with something creative. Expect Lincecum’s party to have candy and other snacks.

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Derrick Rose

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Jeff Curry - USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose loves skittles. He also has a tattoo of a scary wizard with the text “Poohdini”, his childhood nickname, on his arm. A combination of candy and magic are what make Halloween great, so Rose’s party is bound to be a success.

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J.R. Smith

Joe Camporeale - USA TODAY Sports

2013 Sixth Man of the Year, JR Smith, is notorious for his social media habits. A flirtatious direct message conversation of his with a female fan went viral, and during last year’s playoffs an instagram photo of him partying during the New York Knicks’ playoff run got him in hot water. This Halloween the Knicks play the Chicago Bulls in Chicago, but his next game won’t be until November 3rd, leaving him plenty of time to recover from his Halloween revelry.

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Metta World Peace

Joe Camporeale - USA TODAY Sports

We all know the artist formerly known as Ron Artest is a little scary. He seemingly turned things around when he became Metta World Peace, and has been pretty well behaved since. Well, until he elbowed James Harden that is. But still, Peace’s confounding, sometimes frightening personality is perfect for Halloween, and his party would likely be as strange as he is.

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Colin Kaepernick

Cary Edmondson - USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers quarter back made a name for himself last season, but when I see Colin Kaepernick, I still think of another name: Xerxes, the bad guy from the movie 300. Kaepernick’s party must involve him dressing up as Xerses. If it doesn’t, it’s probably safe to assume it’s because he wore that costume last year.

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Matthew Stafford

Matt Kartozian - USA TODAY Sports

Matthew Stafford is a bro, and bros know how to party. The Detroit Lions' quarterback's Halloween party may be reminiscent of a frat party, but I imagine his jungle juice will be made with premium Kool-Aid and Ciroc and his Natural Ice will be served in a fine, red crystal champagne flute.

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Brittney Griner

Jennifer Stewart - USA TODAY Sports

Brittany Griner just seems like an awesome person to hang out with. Griner made her WNBA debut with force, dunking twice in her first game. If she brings the same type of force to her Halloween party, it will be a night to remember. She also posted a picture of her on instagramholding about 100 bags of Skittles, so she’ll be stocked on Halloween.

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James Harden

Troy Taormina - USA TODAY Sports

Houston Rockets guard James Harden made Houston night life famous after posting a photo of him surrounded by cash and beautiful women at a club. Hopefully Harden’s Halloween party would include both cash and beautiful women, but his beard would also lend itself to several amazing costumes. Pirate, lumberjack, and viking are the bearded costume classics, but seeing Harden dress up as Papa Smurf could really make Halloween special.

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Stephen Jackson

Soobum Im - USA TODAY Sports

NBA free agent Stephen Jackson has a reputation for partying. This summer he was caught on video choking former NBA star Steve Francis at a club. While being choked doesn’t seem too fun, fear of it happening might lead to a scary night.

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Javale McGee

Christopher Hanewinckel - USA TODAY Sports

Javale McGee already has an alter ego in Pierre, his smooth off the court persona, so it’s easy to imagine he’d be pretty into coming up with a perfect costume. Picture the lanky 7 foot Denver Nuggets center dressed like Charlie Chaplin or Master Chief from Halo.

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Jake Peavy

Steve Mitchell - USA TODAY Sports

A Jake Peavy party would be very different from a party with most of the other athletes listed. The Boston Red Sox pitcher is an Alabama native, and remains a country boy to this day. His party would likely involve plenty of outdoor beer drinking and country music, which Peavy is known to perform himself.

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Leilani Mitchell

Jim O'Connor - USA TODAY Sports

Leilani Mitchell plays guard for the New York Liberty in the WNBA. Clearly, she is an attractive young lady, and that in itself makes her party appealing. Mitchell also splits her playing time between New York City and France, so you know her party would be in a hot location.

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Mario Chalmers

Steve Mitchell - USA TODAY Sports

Mario Chalmers earned a reputation as a party animal after getting busted with weed and women in his hotel room during the NBA’s rookie transition program. Since then, he’s stayed quiet while winning two NBA championships. Chalmers’ party would be awesome no matter what, but if Lebron James and Dwayne Wade were there, it could only make things better. They would likely make him dress up as Bilbo Baggins and scream at him all night, causing endless entertainment for guests.

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Maria Sharapova

Pat Lovell - USA TODAY Sports

Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova is gorgeous. Halloween isn’t very popular in Russia, and some older Russians are completely opposed to it , but Sharapova is probably open to celebrating. A Halloween party with Sharapova would likely involve some teaching, but teaching can be fun.

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Alexander Ovechkin

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Evan Habeeb - USA TODAY Sports

While Russian Winger Alexander Ovechkin didn’t grow up going to Halloween parties, he certainly knows how to party. The Washington Capitals captain has spent time with Tiesto and DJ Pauly D. Ovechkin has even stepped into the DJ booth himself and could probably spin some appropriate Halloween tunes.

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Michael Beasley

Steve Mitchell - USA TODAY Sports

Michael Beasley was given another chance by the Miami Heat this offseason after getting waived by the Phoenix Suns for marijuana possession. Beasley will always have a chance to party, though. The young forward is known for his bad behavior on and off the court, and he would be sure to cause trouble on the most mischievous of holidays.

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Michelle Wie

Ron Chenoy - USA TODAY Sports

Golfer Michele Wie has never been in trouble with the law or posted any questionable photos of herself partying. She is also a Stanford University graduate. Intelligent people who know how to use discretion often throw the most exclusive and entertaining parties. While it’s doubtful Wie would let any photos of her Halloween event surface, the memories would surely last forever.