Young Cavaliers Fan Asks Kyrie Irving if he Will Leave Like LeBron James Did

By Connor Muldowney
Kyrie Irving
Eric P. Mull-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers have suffered their fair share of heartbreak in the past few years. Everything was looking great from 2003-09. LeBron James was on the team, the Cavaliers were heading to the Eastern Conference Finals seemingly every season and an NBA title seemed to be in the near future. However, “The Decision” made by James to leave Cleveland for the Miami Heat rocked the city hard — and not in a good “Cleveland rocks” type of way.

James is now a member of the hated Heat and Cavaliers fans are still bitter over the loss of their hometown superstar’s departure. Many would call James’ exit from the team a cop-out because he left to join two superstars and have an easier time winning a title without having to put in as much work — and making more money.

Now that the best player in the NBAis gone, the best up-and-coming player has taken over the void left by the current Heat star and two-time NBA champion. Kyrie Irving is the new superstar of Cleveland and has been deemed the “savior” of the organization.

With plenty of lottery picks in the last few years, the one-lowly Cavs are now looking to become a serious contender in the Eastern Conference behind Irving.

In a recent visit to a school, a young Cavs fan asked Kyrie Irving a question that everyone is thinking.

This means that Irving will become the most-hated man in Cleveland if he ever does decide to leave.

Good answer, Kyrie. You are now stuck for life.

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