Houston Texans Cheerleaders Bring Out a Camel, 'Baby Got Back' For This Week's 'Freestyle Friday'

By Dan Parzych
Texans Cheerleaders
(Cary Edmondson/USA Today Sports)

If Houston Texans fans are frustrated with the way their team has performed over the last three weeks–at least they can always rely on the team’s cheerleaders to come through and brighten their day.

Over the last couple of months, the Houston Texans cheerleaders have started arguably one of the greatest traditions to ever exist each Friday with their “Freestyle Friday” videos and each week–they just seem to get better and better. After showing off their moves in a local popcorn shop, the girls took their dancing skills to a whole new level once again this Friday not only by using one of the greatest rap songs of all time, but by re-enacting the famous Geico camel to use at the beginning of their video.

In case any of you have been living under a rock and haven’t seen commercials in months, the Geico camel has become quite popular over the months with his famous “Hump Day” references to express his excitement for Wednesday and even though it’s Friday–the Texans cheerleaders thought it would hilarious to use a camel for their edition of “Freestyle Friday” to “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-Lot.

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Once again, don’t not forget to check out some of the other awesome videos from HTC. Last week’s episode of The HTC Social Club with Shannon (@HTC_Shannon) and Amelia (@HTC_Amelia) was absolutely hysterical (especially the “hashtag” references)  and this week’s Cheer Chat! featuring Morgan (@HTC_Morgan) and Lesha (@HTC_Lesha) as they provide an excellent recap of the Texans game against the San Francisco 49ers from Week 5.

Thanks again to the lovely girls of the Texans cheerleaders for making Fridays even more awesome and here’s to picking up a win on Sunday! #BabesOnParade

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