Mike Tyson Awkwardly Asked About Sex Life By Reporter

By Andrew Fisher
Mike Tyson
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

TMZ ‘reporters’ are some of the slimiest people in the entertainment industry. They’re always asking personal over-the-top questions to celebrities and athletes. But of course, they’re just doing their jobs. During a recent TMZ moment, a reporter stopped to talk to Mike Tyson and this awkward moment unfolded:

My favorite part of this was when Tyson looked at him like he was going to channel some Iron Mike from 1988 and knock his block off. But then the slim ball reporter quickly rebounded by citing Miley Cyrus’ comments about people over 40 not having sex, which unfortunately made things all better. Perhaps, it would have been a good idea to preface the question with that, instead of explaining it after the fact. But in that case, we wouldn’t have gotten that tense moment where the reporter peed himself.

This kind of thing just makes my blood boil. This guy gets to ask one of the greatest boxers of all time a question and he makes things all awkward by going to question about Tyson’s sex life. Who the heck cares about Mike Tyson’s sex life? Apparently, TMZ does and that’s why they suck. Not that they suck at what they do, they’re actually pretty good at it. But in the scheme of things, they don’t bring a lot of good into the world. They provide people with a bunch of worthless celebrity gossip. But hey, in this country that’s an industry that has always, and will continue to flourish.


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