Robert Griffin III Says He Wants To Participate in Olympics

By Andrew Fisher
Robert Griffin III
USA Today Sports

Robert Griffin III has been in the headlines constantly for the last nine months because of his ACL injury. It was first a matter of whether he would be ready to start the season and now it’s in regards to his performance on the field. It became pretty clear that after the Washington Redskins‘ first game this season on MNF, that the Rookie of the Year award winner wasn’t the same player that took the field in 2012.

Griffin has been struggling to re-adapt to NFL action after missing all of the preseason and he clearly didn’t fully trust his right knee for the first few weeks. His throws were off and he seemed to be slower on the field. The Redskins are also making a point to not use him in running situations like the did in 2012. So because of all those factors, 2013 has been a struggle for RG3.

But in some much needed change of pace Griffin news, the QB says he’d like to participate in the Olympics someday.

“I would definitely want to still perform my dream of still going to the Olympics. Some way, somehow. Maybe it’s track, maybe it’s badminton, maybe it’s ping pong, but I’ll find a way to get to the Olympics,” said RG3 in a recent video.

It’s clear that his track days are over now, but it should be noted that he just narrowly missed out on qualifying for the 2008 Olympics in the 400M hurdles.

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