Another Wonderful Fall For Atlanta Sports

By A.J. Armstrong
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Could there have been a worse week in recent Atlanta sports history? The Atlanta Braves decided to become … well, the Atlanta Braves. In losing to the Los Angeles Dodgers in four games, a long streak of playoff woes was extended for at least another season.

Not even an hour prior to the series-clinching loss, the Atlanta Falcons lost a pivotal Monday Night Football game. In Atlanta. To the New York Jets.

If that isn’t hard enough to digest, the loss dropped the Falcons to 1-4 and further crippled an already banged-up team with injuries to their premier wideouts Roddy White and Julio Jones. Pretty bad, right? Well, there’s more. In a total adding of salt to the wounds of the Atlanta faithful, the Atlanta Dream of the WNBA were swept in the league championship by the Minnesota Lynx.

I’m not entirely sure whose sins Atlanta continues to pay for, but it’s completely fair to place the city in contention for the most futile sports city in America. Sure, there is some pretty steep competition. Seattle had their basketball team usurped a few years ago, Cleveland still is without a championship from any of their teams in the Super Bowl era and Milwaukee has been a hopeless sports town for a while now.

However, Seattle still has a powerhouse in the Seattle Seahawks. Cleveland and Milwaukee? Okay, Atlanta may not be the most miserable sports city, after all.

As depressing as this past week has been, there are still things fans can all take solace in. The Braves will be back next year, hopefully fueled by yet another October no-show. The Falcons aren’t technically done at 1-4; maybe the 2012 NFC runner-ups will remember how to play defense.

The Dream won their entire conference and should be plenty proud to do so. Maybe the Atlanta Hawks will throw their hats in the Andrew WigginsJabari Parker sweepstakes by completely tanking this season. The more ping-pong balls the Hawks can get, the more successful this season will be.

At least Atlanta’s hockey team is undefeated thus far into the season. Of course, they also haven’t won either because if the fact they no longer play in Atlanta but hey … a win is a win, right?

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