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Monta Ellis, Ricky Ledo, Devin Harris on “1 on 1 with the Dallas Mavericks”

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Harris may look GQed out suited up, but we prefer to see him suited out (No. 20) inbounds

NBA 2013-14 Preseason: Dallas Mavericks vs. New Orleans Pelicans
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

New Dallas Mavericks additions Monta Ellis, Ricky Ledo and Devin Harris were interviewed by Mark Followill in Fox Sports Southwest’s 1 on 1 with the Dallas Mavericks’ second episode that originally aired on Friday, Oct. 11, 2013.

Sideline note: I really dig on this host’s last name, as in “follow” “will” – which reminds me of how the Mavs shoot to follow their will to bring on their “A” game this season when they play and hopefully advance into the playoffs to go all the way.

Each of the Mav guards featured had individual face time with Followill. Unlike my dubbed Tipoff Trio (power forward Dirk Nowitzki, small forward Shawn Marion and guard/forward Vince Carter), these guys all are in different points in their NBA careers and have different experiences.

Here is a tidbit of what they shared in the program that I deem to mean something to the Mavs. Their past in basketball and life lessons can affect their present and future with Dallas.

First of all, Harris (who was introduced last on the show and who I mention first here for the sake of public interest), is back in Dallas, where he spent his first few seasons, including when the Mavericks made their first NBA Finals appearance in 2006, until he was traded for fellow twice-Maverick Jason Kidd to play in New Jersey for the now-Brooklyn Nets, who Kidd now coaches. Ideally, this two-time Mav wishes to remain in Dallas for the rest of his career.

Unfortunately, Harris is sidelined until December for a toe injury, but upon his return to play for his rookie team, he is ready to roll – I would say, ready to pick a pick-and-roll.

Harris senses similarities and differences between the Mavs he used to play for and the current Mavericks. He appreciates the "swagger" of the one-time championship team, and he acknowledges the various generations of players: veterans (like my said Tipoff Trio), “middle-aged” (like himself and Ellis) and the young, talented guys.

Ellis revolved his life around basketball, which was definitely to his advantage because his on the game and on school growing up kept him out of trouble. During high school when he lived with his single mom and was exposed to his brother’s "laced" lifestyle, he decided that he wanted to pursue a more promising life.

Before entering the league straight out of high school, Ellis found success on the court, as he was known for his quickness and “scoring in bunches.” In fact, Followhill pointed out that Ellis had scored 72 points in a single game, and scored 42 against in another against then-future NBA ballers Josh Smith and Rajon Rondo.

Since joining the NBA, Ellis has faced the Mavericks several times on the hardwood and now looks forward to being part of this “winning organization” and bringing the title back to Dallas. That is what I like to hear and am sure other MFFLs (Mavs Fans for Life) would agree, so we shall see.

Last, but not least, let us review Ledo, this year’s 43rd NBA draft pick. On the hot seat with Followhill, he explained why he was a partial qualifier for collegiate basketball. As a college student-athlete, he did not play a lick of competitive basketball since high school due to his situational transfers.

Fortunately for this Providence, R.I., native, his on-floor performance during practices provided enough perspective for scouts to spot him out. This “mystery” baller revealed that he has no regrets about not playing college ball because he is in the place where he wants to be: the NBA, which is a “dream come true” that comes with that "swagger when you step on the court."

For Harris and Ledo, "swagger" equals that sense of confidence.

Now you can see these new Maverick guards in action, with Harris’ and Ellis’ previous plays against the Mavs, followed by Ledo’s recent appearance decked out in a Dallas uniform.

Elaine Dispo is a Dallas Mavericks writer for Follow her on Twitter, "Like" her on Facebook or add her to your network on Google.

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Devin Harris, No. 34, Atlanta Hawks

NBA 2012-13 Preseason: Dallas Mavericks at Atlanta Hawks
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Right before returning to Dallas, Harris had a brief stint with the Atlanta Hawks.

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Devin Harris, No. 5, Utah Jazz

NBA 2011-12 Season: Dallas Mavericks vs. Utah Jazz
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Harris also played for the Utah Jazz.

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Monta Ellis, No. 11, Milwaukee Bucks

NBA 2012-13 Season: Dallas Mavericks at Milwaukee Bucks
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Ellis assumes his same jersey number from the Milwaukee Bucks.

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Monta Ellis, No. 8, Golden State Warriors

NBA 2011-12 Season: Dallas Mavericks at Golden State Warriors
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Ellis was part of the Golden State Warriors, who eliminated the No. 1 seed Mavericks from the first round as the eighth seed entering the 2006-07 NBA playoffs.

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Ricky Ledo, No. 7, Dallas Mavericks

NBA 2013-14 Preseason: Dallas Mavericks at Memphis Grizzlies
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Ledo has been off to a good start as a pro in the Summer League as well as during his first preseason week, including helping the Mavs reach victory against the Memphis Grizzlies.