20 Hot Female Athletes You Should Be Following on Instagram

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Female Athletes and Social Media

female athleetes instagram
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In recent years, there is no doubting that social media is taking over the internet, if not the world. Nearly everyone in the world is involved with at least one of the main social media outlets, which now include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and Instagram. In fact, these sites have become so commonplace that it almost seems as if one would be a little weird not to be on one of these sites.

Well, as these types of sites continue to gain fame, they are inevitably endorsed and utilized by professional athletes to either connect with fans, promote themselves, or a mixture of the two. This can be done to great effect as it is always great to feel a bit of connection to those athletes that you either idolize from the seat of your couch or even within a stadium.

When it comes to female athletes, both of these factors are inevitably true, but with the added caveat that the viewer is given the opportunity to look at extremely attractive women. It cannot be doubted that a large portion of female athletes gain much of their notoriety on the basis that they are found to be extremely attractive, for better or worse.

When it comes to attractive women and social media, it can also not be doubted that Instagram is the best site for those who want to see a combination of getting to know their favorite athletes and seeing attractive females. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the 20 female athletes you should be following on Instagram, and promise that you will not regret following a single one.


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20. Angela Rypien

female athleetes instagram
Angela Rypien Instagram

Angela Rypien is a quarterback in the Lingerie Football League for the Baltimore Charm and is also the daughter of former Super Bowl-winning quarterback Mark Rypien. In addition to being a quarterback by blood, Rypien is also an incredibly attractive woman, as her Instagram account displays. Follow her on instagram @angela_rypien.

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19. Lakey Peterson

hot female athletes
Lakey Peterson Facebook

Lakey Peterson is the seventh ranked female professional surfer in the world, and because of her athletic exploits has gained numerous modeling gigs. Peterson has gone to chronicling both of these activities on instagram, and her profile has become a must follow for men everywhere. Follow her on instagram @lakeypeterson.

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18. Malia Manuel

hot female athletes
Malia Manuel Instagram

Malia Manuel is a professional surer who won the 2012 ASP rookie of the Year, and has gained a huge following on instagram for being incredibly attractive. Follow her @maliamanuel.

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17. Silje Norendal

hot female athletes
Silje Norendal Facebook

Silje Norendal is a professional snowboarder who has previously in 2011 and 2012 Winter X Games events, and will be looking to compete at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. When not snowboarding, Norendal has established an avid following on instagram. Follow her @siljenorendal.

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16. Kaylyn Kyle

hot female athletes
Kaylyn Kyle Instagram

Kaylyn Kyle is one of the best female soccer players in the world, and currently plays for the Canadian Women's National Team and the Boston Breakers. Off the pitch Kyle has established a big following because of her stunning looks, and has allowed fans to get a glimpse into her life on instagram. Follow her @kaylynkyle.

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15. Hannah Teter

hot female athletes
Hannah Teeter Instagram

Hannah Teter is an American snowboarder who specializes in the halfpipe, and has previously won a gold medal and silver medal at the 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympics. These exploits on the snow have led to numerous modeling gigs off it, and Teter has now gone to posting a mix of her various exploits on instagram. Follow her @hannahteter.

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14. Sydney Leroux

female athleetes instagram
Sydney Leroux Instagram

Sydney Leroux plays as a striker for the Boston Breakers and United States Women National Team. Throughout her career, she has won a 2012 Olympic Gold Medal while gaining notoriety for her good looks. Follow Leroux @sydneyleroux.

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13. Ronda Rousey

female athleetes instagram
Ronda Rousey Instagram

Ronda Rousey gained her sporting fame in the octagon, as she has a perfect 7-0 record while fighting for MMA. Outside of the octagon, she has modeled for numerous publications and even appeared in the film The Expendables 3. Her Instagram account shows just why she has modeled in numerous publications, and can be found @rondarousey

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12. Meghan Hardin

female athleetes instagram
Meghan Hardin Instagram

Meghan Hardin is a professional golfer and has used this to gain appearances on the television show The Big Break. Off the course, Hardin has gained great fame for her looks, which can be found on her Instagram page @meghanhardin.

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11. Kaylyn Kyle

female athleetes instagram
Kaylyn Kyle Instagram

Kaylyn Kyle is a a midfielder for the Canadian Women's National Team, whom she helped guide to a Bronze Medal at the 2012 Olympic Games. Off the field, she has become as well known for her looks as well as her soccer abilities. These extra talents are displayed on her Instagram account @kaylynkyle.

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10. Allison Stokke

female athleetes instagram
Allison Stokke Instagram

Allison Stokke is a pole vaulter, and she has previously plied her trade for California University. While performing in college, Stokke gained major fame for her stunning looks, which are displayed on her Instagram account @allisonstokke.

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9. Kristi Leskinen

female athleetes instagram
Kristi Leskinen Instagram

Kristi Leskinen is an American Freestyle Skiier, and she has previously displayed her abilities in this sport at Winter X Games IX. Leskinen has gained more fame for her looks than skiing ability though, as she has appeared in numerous publications as a model. Her looks can be seen on her Instagram account @kristileskinen

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8. Leryn Franco

female athleetes instagram
Leryn Franco Instagram

Leryn Franco is a Paraguayan javelin thrower, and became an internet sensation for her looks while performing in the javelin thrown at the 2008 Olympic Games. Subsequently, these looks have gotten Franco into the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and a Miss Bikini of the Universe Pageant. Francos looks are put on prime display on her Instagram account, which can be found @lerynf.

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7. Anna Semenovich

female athleetes instagram
Anna Semenovich Instagram

Anna Semenovich is one of the greatest Russian Ice Dancers ever, and has used this fame to gain a singing career within Russia. Outside of Russia, she has gained much more notoriety for having stunning looks, which can be found @annasemenovich.

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6. Sierra Quitiquit

female athleetes instagram
Sierra Quitiquit Instagram

Sierra Quitiquit is a professional skiier and model, although she has surely gained much more fame for being a model in recent years. These looks are put on display on Quitiquit's Instagram, which can be found @sierraquitiquit.

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5. Sara Galimberti

female athleetes instagram
Sara Galimberti Instagram

Sara Galimberti gained her sporting fame as an Italian sprinter, although her public image got a major boost when people began seeing images of her. These looks can be found on her Instagram account @saragalimberti.

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4. Anastasia Ashley

female athleetes instagram
Anastasia Ashley Instagram

Anastasia Ashley is an extremely successful professional surfer, as displayed by her previous Pro Surf Tour of America Women's tour championship. This success has been magnified by Ashley's looks, as there is no doubting that she is one of the most attractive female athletes alive. Follow her on Instagram @anastasiaashley to get a glimpse of her stunning looks.

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3. Alex Morgan

female athleetes instagram
Alex Morgan Instagram

Alex Morgan plays as a striker for Portland Thorns FC and the United States Women's National Team, and she has quietly developed into one of the best female soccer player in the world during her time for both. Off the pitch, Morgan has developed an image as a stunning female athlete, as she has appeared in the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, amongst other publications. Follow Morgan on Instagram @alexmorgan13 to get a glimpse of these looks.

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2. Michelle Jenneke

female athleetes instagram
Michelle Jenneke Facebook

Michelle Jenneke has gained her sporting fame as a sprinter and hurdler for Australia at a number of international events, including the Oceania Youth Championships and World Junior Championships. While competing, Jenneke gained mass fame for her looks, which are displayed at her Instagram account @mjenneke93.

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1. Alana Blanchard

female athleetes instagram
Alana Blanchard Instagram

Alana Blanchard is a professional surfer on the ASP World Tour, where she has gained a reputation as an excellent surfer. Outside of the water, Blanchard has appeared in numerous publications for her looks, and gained a large group of followers who deem her the most attractive female athlete in the world today. Follow her on Instagram @alanarblanchard to see what all the fuss is about.