Jack Clark Challenges Albert Pujols To Take a Lie Detector Test About Steroids

By Andrew Fisher
Albert Pujols
USA Today Sports

Jack Clark made headlines this past summer when he accused Albert Pujols of taking steroids earlier in his career. Clark cited the slugger’s former trainer, Chris Mihlfeld (who has been linked to PEDs), as his source. Clark was subsequently fired from his gig as a St. Louis radio host and hit with a lawsuit from Pujols. Now, Clark is firing back with a way for both sides to settle the matter.

On Monday, Clark’s legal team sent a letter to Pujols’ that proposes each side submitting to a lie detector test. Clark would take one where he states that his claim of Pujols juicing was solely based on what Mihfeld told him and the slugger would take one saying he has never taken steroids.

So after it seemed that Clark may have just been blowing smoke and that he was going to pay dearly for it, he’s now pulled an ace out of his sleeve.

As much as I want to give Pujols the benefit of the doubt, I can’t. I want to see him take this polygraph test and back up his claim. But if he doesn’t and the lawsuit gets dropped, that will certainly make him seem guilty. It’s an interesting situation to say the least.

From Clark’s side, I believe that he was merely repeating what Mihfeld told him. He didn’t just pull the claim of Pujols juicing out of left field.

Who knows what will become of this, but I’m going to predict the lawsuit against Clark will be dropped.


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