Joseph Fauria's Touchdown Dances Have Been Amazing This Season

By Connor Muldowney
Joseph Fauria
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re not familiar with the Detroit Lions‘ undrafted tight end Joseph Fauria, you might want to start paying attention to him. Although he isn’t the most electric pass-catcher on the team, the rookie is easily the most exciting touchdown dance celebrator. He turns heads every time he reaches the endzone and no one is ever disappointed in any dance he throws out there.

In case you have missed any or all of his touchdown dances this season, you’re in the right place. Luckily for you, I have compiled each of his five touchdown dances to begin the year.

In his first career game, the rookie tight end caught his first touchdown pass as an NFL player. What happened next was something no one saw coming:

It’s hard to tell what this dance was all about, but it was definitely mesmerizing. His teammates were just a bit shocked and you can tell some of them looked away while he made a fool of himself in his first game.

This next gem came after a touchdown against the Washington Redskins in week three. This was his most famous one out of all five because it earned him a mention by Jimmy Fallon and a $10,000 donation from Fallon to a charity of his choice as well. It’s the famous “bye bye bye” dance:

The most recent celebrations all happened in the same game against the Cleveland Browns — there were three of them. The rookie tight end caught three passes in the game for 37 yards and three touchdowns as well as these three beauties:

And another:

And finally a third:

Fauria might only have seven catches on the season, but he has scored a touchdown on 71 percent of his catches and the Lions win every game he catches a pass in. He might be the most exciting undrafted rookie tight end of all time. He’s the dancing human victory cigar.

Throw this man the ball.

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