Mark Sanchez Apparel is On Sale for Half Off at MetLife Stadium

By Connor Muldowney
Mark Sanchez
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Having one of the worst endings to a tenure as the New York Jets‘ starting quarterback, Mark Sanchez seems to be on his way out of New York by next season and fans aren’t broken up about it in the least bit. The veteran quarterback was once a top draft selection, but the NFL has not been kind to the California pretty boy.

For a guy that cares more about his looks than his play on the field, Sanchez has to be one of the biggest busts of all time. Sanchez has had one of the worst quarterback rating in the past couple of seasons and it’s crazy to think he was a serviceable quarterback at one point in his career.

For all of you Sanchez fans out there — if there are still any left — there is one place you can get his merchandise for extremely cheap. Where you ask? Well inside MetLife Stadium apparel stores, of course.

Even the Jets don’t want to think of Mark Sanchez as one of their own and they are getting a jump-start at getting rid of his poor-selling apparel.

It’s pretty funny, yet sad, to see this guy’s demise as an NFL quarterback unfold right before our eyes. Even the Jets apparel stores don’t think he will be back next season with the rise of Geno Smith.

So if you’re looking for a Christmas present for a loved one who knows nothing about football but wants a jersey, MetLife is you go-to spot with 50 percent off Sanchez merchandise.

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