Mark Teixeira Asks the College Football Question of the Century

By Connor Muldowney
Mark Teixeira
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

There are some professional athletes that know very little about other sports to the extent that it makes them look silly when they try to talk about those other sports on social media or on TV. Mark Teixeira is one of those athletes that should just stick to baseball especially after the most recent college football question that he posed to his Twitter followers early Saturday morning.

It’s unsure whether the New York Yankees first baseman has ever turned on a college football game to watch a game. As an alumnus of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, he is obviously a ‘fan’ of his former school in every sport, but he might want to brush up on his college football knowledge after asking a question like this:

Okay, Mark. First of all, if your team has three losses in college football, you can basically just give up on the whole national title talk. Second, if your team has three losses in the first six games, you can give up on conference title talk Lastly, when was the last time Georgia Tech was a serious title contender? The 1990s maybe — before that it was the 1950s.

So to answer your question mark, the answer is no. An emphatic no. In fact, why don’t you just stick to getting healthy and then one day hitting balls out of the park as a member of the Bronx Bombers.

This one was a brain-buster.

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