Regis Philbin in a Jacksonville Jaguars Jersey Will Give You Nightmares

By Connor Muldowney
Regis Philbin
Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are not a very good football team. In fact, the 0-6 squad has been beat up on nearly every week and is thought of as one of the worst teams in NFL history and the butt of every joke about bad football. No one wants to be the Jaguars and everyone wants to play the Jaguars.

Regis Philbin is apparently a big fan of the team. Of course, the guy who just recently got a job with Fox Sports and has no history in sports has to be the fan of the worst team in professional sports right now.

Prior to the Jaguars’ game against the Denver Broncos, the TV personality donned a Jacksonville jersey with his muscles ripped right through the sleeves. Okay, the 82-year-old isn’t ripped, but he is in pretty good shape for his age. However, the image of Philbin in a Jaguars jersey may quite possibly haunt your dreams.

Come on, Regis, this is just awful. First of all, you’re a fan of the worst football team in the world. Secondly, you just look scary in that all-black outfit — almost elderly woman-like. Lastly, you might just be the most intimidating person to ever put on a Jaguars jersey.

Quite possibly the most talented person to ever wear the jersey, Philbin just looks ridiculous in this outfit and it’s an image that you might never forget.

Please, eyes. Please recover soon.

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