Reminiscent of 2004, New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox Come Up Clutch

By Jared Smith
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What a historic night for Boston sports and their fans. If you are like me, you had to wake up this morning to watch the highlights just to make sure that what happened was not a dream, because nobody could script two games like that. One thing that I heard a lot yesterday was that you cannot give Tom Brady three opportunities to win a game, and we all witnessed exactly why. This is just another thing to add to the “Book of Brady” which is filled with greatness.

The New England Patriots game was highlighted as the NFL game of the week, and boy did it not disappoint. The Patriots surprised many people by jumping out early and taking a 17-7 lead into halftime. With some second half struggles and a great throw and catch by the New Orleans Saints on a 3rd-and-20, the Patriots found themselves down by one with over three minutes left. This was where the Patriots made some poor decisions with the ball and wasted an opportunity. Turning the ball over on downs and giving the Saints a chance to score again would pretty much end all hope for Patriots fans. The Saints would only manage a field goal and a little hope came back. Once Tom Brady threw the interception on first down many people left the stadium and shut the TV off. Somehow the Saints made the huge mistake to allow Brady to have the ball one more time.

There was 1:13 left in the game, the Patriots did not have any timeouts and statistically the Patriots had a 5.3 percent chance of winning the game. With everything against the Patriots, Tom Brady reminded everyone why he is great. Brady stepped up making big throws and ended up taking his team 70 yards to win the game on a 17-yard touchdown pass to Kenbrell Thompkins. It has been a while since we have seen Brady be that clutch, and it brought Patriot fans back to 2004 when the Patriots were on their way to win their third championship. With such a great comeback, it couldn’t get any better for the city’s fans, until the eighth inning of the Boston Red Sox game.

For the second night in a row the Red Sox were no hit through five innings. The Sox gave up five runs in the sixth inning and after seven were down 5-1. With Boston fans already witnessing an amazing comeback, everyone figured there was no magic left for the Red Sox, and like the Patriots, many people had tuned out and given up. The Red Sox, however, found a way to load the bases in the eighth inning, and on the first pitch, David Ortiz launched another clutch postseason HR into the Sox bullpen. It may have been the eighth inning and a tie game, but with the atmosphere, the crowd, and the feeling on the day after the Patriots’ comeback, everyone knew that this game was over and the Red Sox would find a way to win it. In the bottom of the ninth, they did not wait around and got a walk-off base hit by Jarrod Saltalamacchia to drive in Jonny Gomes. Saltalamacchia became the first Red Sox catcher to have a walk-off hit in the playoffs since Carlton Fisk.

It was a day to remember in Boston sports history, and it was fitting that Tom Brady and David Ortiz were the ones saving the day. These guys are arguably the best ever at their given position, and they both have their fingerprints all over Super Bowl and World Series Championships. They are also two of the most clutch performers in their given sport. What happened yesterday brought me back to 2004 when Brady was winning everything and David Ortiz was coming up with clutch hit after clutch hit in the playoffs leading the Red Sox to an epic championship. After such a crazy year for the city of Boston, Tom Brady and David Ortiz reminded everyone what makes this city so great.

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