Tim Tebow Enjoying His NFL 'Retirement' With Sister in Hawaii

By Andrew Fisher
Tim Tebow
(Andrew Weber/USA Today Sports)

Wondering what Tim Tebow is up to these days? Me neither, but it’s my job to tell you the whereabouts of today’s most popular athletes. Tebow is of course unemployed after being dropped by the New England Patriots during their final round of roster cuts this past August. Since then, rumors have popped up about the quarterback’s future. He’s been linked to teams in Russia, the L.A. Kiss in Los Angeles and to the Jacksonville Jaguars. But to this point, nothing has panned out.

So it’s with the assumption that Tebow won’t play football in 2013 that these latest viral photos of him have some meaning. The former Heisman winner appears to be enjoying his ‘retirement’ from the NFL by spending his days in sunny Hawaii.

tim tebow
@jasonrmcintyre, splashnewsonline

For the ladies that like the Tebow, don’t worry, that’s his sister lathering him up. 

So while it’s not a guarantee that Tebow is done for the year, there’s about a 99 percent chance that he is. TMZ recently asked Jaguars’ owner Shahid Khan if there was any truth to the rumors that the team was giving the QB a workout and he apparently laughed off the notion.

So unless the former college star is willing to change positions, likely to fullback or tight end, it appears that his days in the NFL are over. If the lowly Jags aren’t willing to bring him on board, no team is. I kind of feel bad for the guy, but then I remember that he’s still rich with his many endorsement deals.

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