Cal Ripken Jr.'s Mom Allegedly Victim of Another Crime

By Andrew Fisher
Cal Ripken Jr.
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

You may feel like you’ve heard this story before, but Cal Ripken Jr.’s mother has allegedly become the victim of another crime. Last year, Violet Ripkin was kidnapped for a period of 24 hours before being released. Now, she’s apparently had a gun pulled on her in a bank parking lot. The male assailant reportedly tried to steal her car, but Ms. Ripken had the wherewithal to stay calm and sound her car alarm.

The man then tried to run off, but ATM cameras captured everything. A suspect has now been arrested and presumably will be charged with some form of armed robbery and maybe an attempted carjacking.

This latest incident just seems to be a random occurrence, where as the kidnapping may have been a case of targeting. Regardless, Violet has not had good luck over the last couple of years when it comes to criminals. The odds of her being involved in two incidents like this in less than two years, are very minuscule. The good news is that she’s okay and survived both of these crimes without harm.

Ripken Jr. offered up a $100,000 reward for anyone with knowledge of the kidnapping, but to this point, no one has offered up any information.

The legendary shortshop’s name has been linked to a few managing gigs this fall, but so far, nothing has panned out. Ripken Jr. is currently taking part in TBS’ baseball playoff coverage and he seems like a long-shot to get a new gig as a skipper.


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