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“Matt Schaub” Thrown in Back of Houston Texans Fan’s Vehicle

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Matt Schaub

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Just when you thought that Houston Texans‘ fans were running out of ways to hate on Matt Schaub, this photo emerged:

Matt Schaub


That’s right, you’re looking a ‘dummy Matt Schuab’ that’s hanging out the back of an HHR. Given that it’s Halloween season and that Texans’ fans are loathing the QB right now, this is actually kind of funny. There was absolutely nothing funny about fans cheering the QB’s injury this past Sunday, but this is completely different. This move is over the top and ridiculous, but it’s all done in good fun. The fan combined the time of season and topical football news to create a good visual for Texans’ fans.

As far as the real Matt Schaub is concerned, he’s in about the same place as that dummy – down and out. He’s dealing with a leg injury as well as the hate from a good portion of the fan base. I believe it’s time for Gary Kubiak to make a switch, not only to save the Texans’ season, but to save his job.

It once seemed clear that T.J. Yates would be the next man up, but he looked pretty terrible on Sunday as well. Now Houston fans are calling for their local hero Case Keenum to get his first shot in the NFL. It’s a tough call for Kubiak to make, but it’s also easy to see that what the Texans have been doing, isn’t working.


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