Athlete Stock Is Now Available; Arian Foster is First Player on Market

By Andrew Fisher
Arian Foster
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve all heard people say, ‘that guy’s stock just went up.’ Well now that’s a reality for professional athletes. Athlete stock is a real thing that’s set to be offered by Fantex Holdings. The stock’s value will fluctuate based on player performance, endorsements, appearance deals and other factors. Basically, the more the success an athlete has, and the more money they make, the more investors will make.

Arian Foster will be the first athlete available through Fantex. There will be an initial public offering for a minority stake in the Houston Texans‘ running back and in total, there will be $10.5 million available in ‘Foster stock’ with the minimum investment being $50. So for just a few hours of pay, you can literally own a part of Arian Foster (kind of).

For those of you wondering why Foster would subject himself to this? He’s getting a cool $10 mil for his involvement.

In an interesting side note, John Elway is on the board of directors for Fantex.

So as bizarre as this all sounds, I’m actually surprised that it’s taken this long for something of this nature to exist. People in this country pay more attention to athletics than they do a lot of other issues. This will provide sports junkies like myself with an opportunity to invest in something we actually know a lot about. But as with any stock, it will be a risky game. Especially in today’s NFL, players come and go in a heartbeat. One season a player will be riding high and the next they could be fighting for a roster spot. So as always – buy low, sell high.


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