New York Daily Criticizes Washington Redskins, Compares Them to Nazis, Confederates

By Connor Muldowney
Washington Redskins
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When you think about the Washington Redskins these days, you no longer think about a playoff-contending team. One reason for that is that the 1-4 squad is not a contender right now, but the other reason is that the name ‘Redskins’ has been criticized these days more than ever before.

As we all know, this nickname isn’t the most politically correct one out there are it is a demeaning name used to refer to American Indians. Many groups and organizations have been fighting to persuade the Redskins’ front office to change the name into something more acceptable. However, there is no budging of the front office and the name will likely stick for the time being because it has been the name of the team since 1932.

Many people are giving out ideas of what the new name should be and many American Indians offended by the name have been voicing their displeasure for the distasteful name.

While these people aren’t the only ones putting extra heat on the Redskins’ organization to make a change, the New York Daily News published an article recently that compared the logo and nickname to that of the Nazis of Germany as well as the Confederates from Civil War America.

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If you haven’t brushed up on your history lately, the Confederates and Nazis were two of the most hated groups of people of all time. They both thought other people were inferior based on skin color or beliefs.

Sure, I get the shock factor, but why bring it this far, New York Daily News? The Nazis and Confederates both killed numerous amounts of people to prove a point. Yes, the Redskins’ name isn’t correct and shouldn’t be celebrated like it is — in fact, it should be considering a change — but comparing them to two of the worst groups of people in history is just a bit too far.

Expect this image on the newspaper to receive a ton of criticism, hate and controversy.

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