Oregon Students Make ‘We Want Bama’ T-Shirts, Alabama Now Wants Oregon


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The Oregon Ducks are one of the best teams in college football on both sides of the ball. Offensively, they could be the scariest team out there while they can hold opposing teams in check on defense. Sitting at No. 2 in all polls, the Ducks are hoping and praying that they get a shot to play the top-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide in the national title game. In fact, the students are even itching for the matchup to happen, making ‘We Want Bama’ t-shirts and selling them on campus this week.

As you can see, these students are willing to pay money to show off their desire to play against the best team in college football for the past few years. AJ McCarron has led the Crimson Tide to two straight national championships and it seems as if the quarterback can’t go wrong as he has Alabama as the nation’s best team once again and a 6-0 start to the season solidifies that ranking.

Alabama fans will happily welcome the challenge because they see it as kind of funny that an unproven Oregon team is challenging them to a battle in the national title game — where the Tide have dominated for the past four years or so.

This guy speaks for most Alabama fans when he says:

I guess $10 can buy you a t-shirt, but it can’t guarantee an unbeaten season just yet.

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  • James Carter

    so did notre dame last year

  • Polaris Silvertree

    Right now, I think its safe to say Oregon’s speed offense (while a bit gimmicky) is ridiculous against any team that DOESN’T have a good defense. I don’t think after seeing the last several games we can say their defense is intimidating — certainly not a VT, Bama, or FSU calibre defense. It’s just good enough to slow down the other team while they steam-roll them with their offense. I suspect that if the Ducks were to play against a quality defense, you wouldn’t see the over-the-top scoring. Still, these next several games will start to paint a more clearer picture of what the Ducks are all about. Would love to see how the Oregon D would handle Missouri…. Better yet, would love to see if a game against the Baylor Bears would top over 200 combined points.