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15 Best Custom Jerseys Ever Worn by Sports Fans

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15 Best Custom Jerseys


Custom jerseys started as a medium for fans to be able to place their own name on the back of their favorite team's jersey; a way to make them feel even more part of the team. Then some took it to the next level using player’s nicknames on the back of a jersey. Then it went to comedic levels with puns, innuendos and tributes used instead of actual names.

It’s not shocking to see the level of snarkiness that sports fans have achieved when it comes to creating custom jerseys. Sports fans tend to be a bit crazy when it comes to their favorite team, player or hated rival. They like to celebrate or show disgust in ways that others find hilarious, but also get their point across.

Their inner creativity comes out when they make chants, signs or, now, custom jerseys. Most of the jerseys in this article were likely thought of while drunk during a game, but for some, that’s when they have their most creative thoughts.

These were the best 15 I could find, because some may not even be on the Internet. So, if you got a better custom jersey yourself, or know where we could find better ones, then let us know in the comments below.

Otherwise, enjoy the best 15 custom-made sports fan jerseys ever worn.

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15. Redskins - UWana 69


Washington Redskins fans have had little to cheer for despite snagging Robert Griffin III in last year's draft. So what else do they have to do on gameday than try to... You know.

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14. Penguins - I Love Boobs


Men love boobs; it's not a secret. So this guy just wants the drunk women at Pittsburgh Penguins games to know that he takes his passion for boobs to an entirely new level. I can't be the only one who wants to know if this has help him.

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13. Jets - Butt Fumble


I didn't realize Mark Sanchez decided to changes his name. But it makes sense if that's what everyone is going to call you anyways.

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12. Mets - Bernie Madoff


New York Met's co-owners Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz narrowly escaped losing their team thanks to Bernie Madoff and his ultimate Ponzi scheme. Once Madoff went to prison, the Met's organization lost a lot of money and All-Star players, causing some fan outrage. This fan used his outrage in a creative way to create this one-of-a-kind customer jersey.

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11. Fighting Irish/Seahawks/Chargers - Jersey Shirt


Mandy, at least that's what the photo title read, created this unique two-team jersey to commemorate her love of Notre Dame football and I'm guessing her two favorite players, Golden Tate and Manti Te'o. Last I heard, Te'o was still looking for a real girlfriend.

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10. Broncos - Jesus


When you look back on this jersey, it doesn't make you laugh as much as it did two years ago, but it's still one of the best custom jerseys. Sadly, Jesus got the boot from the NFL and I think he was heading to Russia to spread his gospel.

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9. Packers - 13 Titles


It's always fun to be a fan of a team who has won at least one championship, even if it their last one was over a hundred years ago, but being a fan of a team who has won 13 must feel completely different. This guy decided to take his passion for the Green Bay Packers and their 13 NFL championships to jersey form. Hopefully, he has a return policy in case they win No. 14 any time soon.

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8. Packers - Bratwurst & Bun


The older generation fails to relate to the new generation and vica versa, but when it comes to jokes they can be on the same level at time. This is one of those times. The subtle sexual innuendo is all they needed to make the perfect pair of custom fan jerseys.

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7. Athletics - 5 On It


Sometimes fans want to mesh things they love with sports, and that's exactly what this Oakland Athletics fan did when he reference the old Bay Area rap by the Luniz. You may have no idea what the song is or who the rapper is, but I can almost guarantee you've heard someone say "I got 5 on it" at some point in your life.

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6. Flyers - The Black Guy


Is this real? No idea. Is it racist? Possibly. Is it funny? You're damn right.

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5. Nationals - He'll Be Back


Stephen Strasburg was heralded as the Washington Nationals' savior, and for good reason. In his first professional game, Strasburg struck out 14 in seven innings. A few months later, he was lost to Tommy John surgery for an entire season. This Nationals fan could only think of one way to support his team's savior during that time: With a custom jersey. Where were all the Chicago Bulls custom jerseys when Derrick Rose went down?

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4. Nationals - He's Back


This fan must be some kind of prophet. Strasburg made his eventual comeback in the 2012 season and continued right where he left off in 2010. This fan's dedication to the Nationals and Strasburg is possibly unmatched. Now I want to know how long he had the custom jersey hanging in his closet for this glorious day?

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3. Twins - Mauer Back Hair Jersey


Not much compares dedication wise than creating a custom jersey out of your own back hair. Not everyone can accomplish this majestic feat. Wonder how Joe Mauer felt about this?

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2. NASCAR - Earnhardt Back Jersey


You wouldn't expect to see many back-hair jerseys at MLB games, but at NASCAR races, they are just the norm. Dale Earnhardt is easily the most-liked NASCAR driver of all time and his fans show their allegiance in lots of way. This one takes the cake based on the amount of redneck back hair this gentleman has. He should have dyed his hair black and painted the three white to perfect the custom jersey.

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1. Magic - 99 Problems, Ain't 1


I've seen the 99 Problems jersey before at Indiana Pacers games, but this was the first time I saw the couples version of it. This is a perfect mesh of music and sports, but would have been more perfect if they were Brooklyn Nets jerseys.