Video of Male Jets Fan Punching a Female Patriots Fan is Disturbing to Watch

By Dan Parzych
Jets fans
(Joe Camporeale/USA Today Sports)

When it comes to rivalries in the NFL, there’s no question the rival between the New England Patriots and New York Jets is one of the best around as both parties have made it clear these two teams absolutely hate each other. Sunday’s game was nothing different as the Jets came through with a huge win against their AFC East rivals at home in overtime, but once again–Jets fans have hit a new low thanks to one individual who decided to act like an idiot after the game.

The video above shows a fight that broke out at MetLife Stadium in which a male Jets fan punched a woman in the face who happened to be wearing a Patriots jersey. Punches being thrown in general is ridiculous enough for anyone no matter how intense the altercation may be, but for a male to do this to a female is absolutely ridiculous.

There’s no excuse for a fan to perform an act like this and there’s no question he deserves to be slapped with criminal charges for doing this to a female. The details of the incident are still being investigated as to what the group of individuals was fighting about, but either way–this is something that should never happen in a million years and gives Jets fans a bad reputation.

For the sake of all that is right–let’s hope this idiotic Jets fan gets banned from games for the rest of his life.

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