Mark Cuban Compares Miami Heat to Oakland Raiders

By Will Connolly
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

There has always been a certain amount of animosity between the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks franchise. But when Mavs’ owner Mark Cuban compared the Heat to the Oakland Raiders, it only added fuel to that fire.

Cuban said to the Sun-Sentinel, “They’re kind of like the Oakland Raiders when they were winning. I don’t want to compare Micky [Arison] to Al Davis — that’s not fair — but you either love them or hate them.”

The Heat-Mavericks rivalry began when Miami beat out their opponents 4-2 in the 2006 NBA Finals. Dallas blew a 2-0 lead vs. their new rivals, lead solely by the incredible play of Dwyane Wade, who averaged nearly 40 points in the final four games of the series on his way to winning the Finals MVP. However, the Mavs got their revenge five years later when the two met in the 2011 Finals, and the Heat blew a 2-1 lead to fall to Dallas 4-2.

With all the history between these two franchises, it’s no surprise that Cuban has a certain amount of anger towards the two-time defending NBA champs.

It’s obvious that Cuban is living in the past, and the truth of the matter is that Cuban’s Mavericks have struggled to make the playoffs in the past two seasons. The fact that he is even talking about the Heat in a negative fashion only promotes the champions even further and shows how childish Cuban really is.

I have a feeling that when the Heat face off against the Mavs this November and Miami blows out Cuban’s beloved team, he won’t have a single solitary word to say about the defending NBA champs.

So just keep talking “Cubes,” it only makes you look more and more like the villain.

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